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Click Member link to see site in tvThe Enigmatic Musngs of a Cynical Mind
The random, wry, ascerbic,cynical and sometimes humorous thoughts,ideas, and odservations of a man trapped in a world he did not make.

CloudyBay's Humour Zone
A site full of jokes, games, quotes and cartoons, that will make everyone laugh or smile!

The Basilisk
Online satirical news source -- we cover EVERYTHING and then some!

Angus and phil
A fresh and comical look at the "Facts of Life" as it`s seen through the eyes of two offbeat family dogs.

Free creative humor and comedy freelance writing. Free jokes, photos, and free stuff. The Independent Writer jim ippolito, offers laughs, political satire, social commentary & info on Las Vegas, for baby ...

PunDefined.com - The daffy definitions dictionary.
PunDefined.com - Crashing into the Language Barrier! The searchable daffy definitions dictionary, find your daffynitions, puns and sniglets here! Now with over 1000 entries!{;}

The word garage from Arjay Enterprises--philology and clean humour. Puns, feghoots, upside downs, mathematica, and more.

In this site you will find a number of ways to pass the time, and express your twisted self.This site includes Simpson quizzes, links to family guy episodes, far side cartoons, horoscopes, interactive ...


Sheila Moss, Humor Columnist
Website of Humorist,Sheila Moss, presenting her humor columns, jokes, cartoons, and other funny stuff weekly. Join her mailing list.

good old down in the coutry humor

Funny world records
Funny world records from Guinness book of records / Links / cycling backwards and playing the violin ... on the expressway 60,45 km ! GUINNESS WORLD RECORD !

MyHumor.org Daily Funny, Clean Jokes
MyHumor.org provides daily clean, funny jokes, setting the standard for entertaining, great clean humor in multiple categories. (The jokes on this site are hilarious!) Our categories include: Aging, Animals, ...

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much
Jokes, jokes, and more jokes. Inspirational pieces, brainteasers, silly toons & pics. Quotes, Windows tips, links and more.

2am--Now in Trip-O-Vision!
If I have to have a psychosis, so do you!

Georgette's World Star Wars Pictures Humor
Star Wars pictures humor -- pics, script, polls, triva, fan fiction, games, and other fun, meaningless stuff.

Jasta 38DD
The war diaries of Hptm Ritter (Dipl Ing) Karl Otto Titzlinger. The lighter side of mass destruction

A diary of life in a small office community, with the idiotic, annoying and just plain stupid things that happen to us each week.

It Happens Every Day ...
This is the weekly online family comic strip featucommunity the lives of the Brenner family -- two parents, three kids and a dog.

Humor, jokes, cartoons, funny pics, clean, dirty, offcolor, humour

Bitch-sessions is an open forum in which expression of ideas is encouraged, ranging from social commentary, amusing anecdotes, concert reviews, and relationship philosophy. The site is aware, thoughtful, ...

Banny And Lissa
Banny And Lissa is the continuing story of two losers, one clueless and the other crabby, who receive powers to fight the Forces Of Evil. Aiding Banny and Lissa are: Nicoletta, a blind woman; Mr. Fwuzzums, ...

Judas Bradley
A strange blend of student comedy. It's funny and that's surely all that matters? Trust me, I'm a judas.

Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged
Support site for "Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged", probably the most extensive insult generator this side of Ambulor Eight (or Stravromula Beta, for that matter).

A Gallery of Comics
A funny and creative panel cartoon, featucommunity parody, political, and wacky humor.

Fun On The Net
Has there ever, in the history of the world, been a more fabulously useful tool, or a more efficient time-waster, than the Internet?

Offecommunity two jokes via the daily adsfree mailinglist fun4you. An increasingly categorized and user rated jokes archive with more than 3200 jokes (as of Dec/2004) is online.

Comic site on meditation, the search for truth, and links to OSHO and friends, free download: the Mystic Rose and the Magic of the Empty Chair

The Silly News
A site based in Bradford, England. Stories are complete shite

Light Story and Humor
a humor site with light humor, jokes and comedy

Scaremongers Society
The scaremonger society bcommunitys news of how people out there are trying to get you. Offbeat humour and great sillyness

Jokers Place
a great site with loads of jokes, yo mama jokes, clinton jokes, rude jokes, insults, funny pics and lots more.

Idiots Delight
Funny look at life in New York City and tons of other things. Created by a prozac bound resident of said city. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll beg for a slow horrible death rather than be subjected to ...

A cure for boredom: links to the most amusing, interesting, disturbing, weird and wacky, and useful sites on the web!

Here you will find links to the very best of the worst/sad/funny/quirky sites on the internet. {;}This site sprang from a regular weekly search into cyber-waste to bcommunity some light relief to the stresses ...

Die screaming with sharp things in your head
A collection of garden gnomes with a difference. Suggest a gnome or get added to the "new gnome" mailing list.

The Virtual Toilet Paper Museum
A full-featured museum celebrating that lowly substance that plays such a major role (or should that be "roll"?) in our daily lives. We offer myriad specimens from the common to the exceeding rare, artworks ...

Buckaroos Funny Pictures
Funny pictures, free games,jokes,cartoons, trivia, anything for fun! Humorous photographs of people, animals, dogs, cats, classics, signs, cartoons,and mo'.

Top Secret Toons
Hilariously offbeat single panel cartoons beautifully drawn in beautiful black and white! =)

Humor and photos interrupted by news, clipart, coolchew,space, sports, Texas, travel and humanity. Phtttt!

GrandMatrix - Free Jokes, Puzzles, Stories and Fun.
We have links to a huge selection of free jokes, funny stories, fun programs, brain testing mysteries and puzzles for all the family

Scott's Guitar & Parody Songs
My site contains serious songs that I have written, plus parody songs that I wrote with midi's to sing along with.

Humorous Stories and Anecdotes about things like eating in Chinese Restaurants, Fishing, Buying Fish, Dietary Dilemmas, Doctors Offices and Idiots at Work.

A site just full of funny stuff.

Aight this is it, you want links to humorous sites or maybe just some lists. Could it be pork or even Simpsons' sounds. Come on in!

A Site about Early British and American Film Comerdy.

Jokes and robots
This is a cool site with robot stuff, jokes, and funny videos.

JoKeRs Wild and Tame
For the JoKeR in you...Come join in on all the fun! Free Cartoons, Funny Files, Humor Links, Jokes, and Much More. Come JoKe with us!

Armando the Bastard: Life According to a Real Asshole
Frank, blunt, often offensive (depending on what you think), and very atheistic comedic commentary on many of life's little topics. If you like South Park, Denis Leary, and are an atheist, you'll probably ...

Blonde....Dumb Blonde...
A collection of jokes about not so bright women with a lighter shade of hair...