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Click Member link to see site in tvThe Laryngospasms
The Laryngospasms are a group of five nurse anesthetists that create hilarious medical parodies from familiar tunes!

O'Byrne Files Collection of Planning Humour
A collection of humourous material for and about Planners

Amusing tales and audio from the island of Poco Cabesa, inspired by the wit and wisdom of Mark Twain, the music and mirth of Jimmy Buffett, and four days on Antigua with a case of rum and no ice.

The Virtual Fooles Troupe
The Most Popular History On Show! (about 200 pages worth of assorted Tom Foolery - although Tom is no longer with them, having now gone on to bigger and better things...){;}A witty, humorous romp through ...

Just another stickdeath website... but BETTER!{;}updated frequently{;}+Submit your own movie ideas!

Out of the Earth
Out of the Earth is dedicated to providing safe, natural alternatives to assist with the healing of body, mind and spirit of pets and their people. We specialize in aromatherapy blends and massage, flower ...

The Virtual Toilet Paper Museum
A full-featured museum celebrating that lowly substance that plays such a major role (or should that be "roll"?) in our daily lives. We offer myriad specimens from the common to the exceeding rare, artworks ...

Men Are Jerks
Male Bashing Humor and Random Jokes.


My Little World
A pathetically humorous collection of jokes, lists, and other various crap someone decided to e-mail me. In order to clean out my mailbox, I put them on a page. Wahoo.

Reasons to keep all your eggs in one basket
Serious and non-serious reasons why you should keep all your eggs in one basket. ``It is the part of a wise man to keep himself today for tomorrow, and not venture all his eggs in one basket.'' - Sancho ...

Always Open, Spungifeel Comics, Cartoons and Other Funny Stuff
Exciting, original, and cutting edge comics, weird daily cartoons, and sunshiny sundries of absurdist mirth.

Viper's joke Page
Jokes, Humor, Funny Pictures and lots more.

val's almost funny homepage
Val's world...with recipes, funny cooking tips, family, quilting and more, all with my slightly twisted sense of humor

My Humor Page
{;}A start page for great jokes and humor.

Colin's Comedy Website
A site onto which Colinmj emits his comic vision

The Jokersmind
This site is one of the funniest sites on the net, it contains 1500+ misc. jokes

funny stuff

MoonShadow's Humor Distribution List.
MoonShadow's humor distribution mailing list. Currently being worked on and remodeled, but should be back up soon.

Georgette's World Star Wars Pictures Humor
Star Wars pictures humor -- pics, script, polls, triva, fan fiction, games, and other fun, meaningless stuff.

The Keepers of Lists
The Keepers of Lists are an ancient and secretive order of monks who who have taken as their calling, the keepng of the lists of all that is funny, both on and off the internet.

Humor Depot
Rich Masek's personal humor archive. Compiled from all of the wacky mail people have sent me. Stop by for a laugh. Enjoy!

The Nash-Dillion Family
A family home page that includes our hobbies, and interests. It just keeps expanding.

Buy My Inlaws
In-laws and X-In-Laws for sell,delivery options,sell,trade today,mother,please,listen to vocies,quality products,fast deals,get one now

Vilcome to Lichtenworld
Rants, raves, observations and links to the cool sights.

Great One's Favorite Links
Take an IQ test or a Slut Test. Hell, take them both. Come waste your precious time with me. ; )

Carla's Creations Humor Page
My site has html help pages, humor section, holiday and seasonal pages, greeting cards, apply for an award, info about me and my family, great links and much more.

Alahran's Joke Page
Tons of jokes to be printed and shared. Send some to me so I can post them!

Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged
The official support'n'download site for the PC insult generation program "Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged", which can make quite a few insult phrases in quite a few languages.

More fun than sending George W. a bag of powdered sugar.

CloudyBay's Humour Zone
Fun and laughter in a trove of jokes, games, quotes and cartoons. There is a gauranteed laugh to suit everyone!

Abiator's Weird Stuff
Kid-safe site. Weird things for kids to enjoy. Stuff to make you laugh, smile, grin... maybe grimace.

Rich's Humor
Stuff Rich thinks is funny.

Panhandlers Unite!
A site dedicated to poking fun at America's obvious leeches--panhandlers. Movie reviews, advice columns, classifieds, etc.--all designed to make you smile.


PsYcHo NuRsE's Padded Room
Psycho Nurse takes on the lighter side of nursing. Come on over and tickle your "humerous" with Nursey because after all, laughter IS the BEST medicine!

The Good, Clean Funnies List
GCFL is a web page and mailing list for distributing one GOOD, CLEAN joke a day, five days a week, for free! We hope you will enjoy a joke in the morning before the start of your day that you will love ...

Dorene Lorenz
Only half the lies are true in these tales told by Alaskan author, artist, designer Dorene M. Lorenz.

The Boss Thinks I'm Working
The official Web site for people who need a break from sending out resumes on company time

Jelly Mom - Parenting Humor
The award-winning syndicated humor column by Lisa Barker that gets parents through the week.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Your one-stop destination for all things unusual, interesting, outrageous, bizarre, quirky, freaky, odd, puzzling, confusing, funny, crazy, loony, wacky, silly and pointless. Conveniently located on the ...

High Seas Tees
Funny, humorous,offensive tshirts. Attitude,rude, Irish, Life Sucks, Life is Crap. Tees, mugs,bumper stickers and more.

You laugh you lose!
Take the "you laugh you lose" challenge! The rules are simple, get to the end of the page without laughing, if you laugh....you lose!

Funny Word of the Day
Each day, I write about one funny word in the English language.

Chrislip Journal
Welcome to Chrislip, a little green town deep in the woods of northern Michigan. The Chrislip Journal reports on the lives of the townspeople and the issues that affect them. It was founded in 1950, ...