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Marks Mind is a site where life and truth are explored. A site of quotes and ideas with a Zen twist. The suggested Things Page is where I tell you about the things I like.

Mistress of Mischief Design
Background set for your home on the web...

First Star On The Right
A family friendly site. We have a large collection of animations plus games, movies,and recipies. "There is an Enchanted Mystical Forest which lies hidden in a nearby far away forest. All have been there. ...

Einfach Wunsche haben
Personal page with my cats and some graphics

Jane's Home Page
This is where I list the Communitys connected to my Home Page. The page itself introduces me and has links to all my other webpages

Sarah's Home Page
A site about myself and my family from Western Australia. Has links, communitys, crafts, family photos.

Homepage of Peter V. Tretter
Personal homepage of Peter V. Tretter, talking about theatare, scouting, and more.

Marian's HomePLace
A family site of photos, memorials, quilts, dolls, recipes, etc.

The Aumara Light & Healing Circle
A Place for Healing and Inspiration

My family site and more. It's a constantly growning labor of love. :o)

El Rincon de Aigualuna
Empezó siendo sobre mitologia griega, pero ya va teniendo de todo.

this site is about my family, me, and also a memorial for my loving dad

Casey's Place
A fun place for kids to learn about nature, animals, themselves, and each other. You can play games, see live animals on webcams, read stories and poems, or send in your stories and poems. You can learn ...

Whisper's Corner
My site offers graphics, background sets, tutorials, tubes, recipes and a section dedicated to finding Missing Children.

Ladylazarusplath's Feminst Website
This site is about feminism, it's really cool so stop by!!!

My Poetry Hope You Enjoy!
Poetry,God,Awards,Desktop Theme Link,Business Links, Game Site Link,Communitys

Vegan in New Zealand
Mainly this site is about compassion towards animals - stopping animal testing - veganism. There are some recipes to get you started too :)

GIZMO~TheWonderFluff~--All about hamsters
Endless hamster information plus adorable hamster pictures

Carla's Creations
my site has many different things to see

Friendship binds the world
a family friend site to meet and make new friends, beautiful inspirational pages of poetry and quotes, faces, humours, awards, links and more

Kianst's Secret Garden
Photos, Drawings, Family, Friends, Poetry, and some dolls w/ dollmaker links.

Srikanth's website!
Its my personal Homepage. It has a lot of useful information for all categories of people. It has a lot of entertainment stuffs too...You wanna use a calculator online?...checkout my calculator!

My own personal site with dedications to my late husband, family & friends, it also has links to some great sites, and there are free graphic sets and globes ... and so much more

Cathie's Collection
Darling adoptable dolls, assorted globes, and calling cards. Banner exchange page and writings about my family and friends.

Serenade's Place
Visit Community Central where you'll find a list of the 50+ communitys that I manage and the 100s to which I belong. Please come join! Other sections: the Kitchen (filled with low-fat recipes), Living ...

Realm of Shadow
Personal site with lots of random stuff.. :)

Lady Vipers Haven
My site has many things to offer. I have personal pages, as well as poetry and short stories and a section on Stopping Child Abuse.

Serene Moments
A serene collection of my favorite quotes, poems, song lyrics, sentiments, and wisdom. I also have a links page with some terrific links.

Thru The Eyes Of candelrose
My web site 'Thru the Eyes of candelrose' expresses my thoughts and feelings of Love, Romance, Dedication to Religion, and Family Values. The name candelrose is a combination of my favorite icons for romance; ...

This is a memorial site made for a very special person who believed that everyday you should make someone ele's day a little better in any way you can. Her name was Carolyn Mei Ling Chen (Chamomile) and ...

Daria's Page
A personal site about myself, my friends and family, my favorite things including Romania, books, my pet mice, science and the graphics I design.

Home of Friendship
A site to honour friends from around the world. Leave a message for your friends here or write anything on friendship. Share memories, dreams, hopes and lots more. May post a photo of you and your friend(s) ...

A Little Guiding Light of Mine
The idea of this site is to share ideas and experiences of sister Guides and Scouts - also for former members, would be members or non members! Includes information on Guiding in Malaysia, the law, promise, ...

Lil Fae's
Site offecommunity backgrounds, animated signatures, sno-globes, banners, and other things free for you to use on your personal web pages. My site honors diversity of the human race.

Chilady's World
This is my dedication page for Diversity.

Blood Recall/Withdrawal - Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)
Information on Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD), infectious fatal brain-deteriorating, and related blood safety issues. Home of e-mail information/support group for blood product recall/withdrawal notification ...

A Beautiful Life
A personal christian website, free source of christian and christmas midis, beautiful poetry, stories and more.

Poetry from the Heart
A small collection of my poetry, poetry written by others, and a tribute page for 9/11. Feel free to come in and look around.

Join The Inspiration community
A personal site of the people, books and music that inspire me with an invitation to join a community of inspirational sites, causes, charity and awareness banners, peace quilt, add a story/poem, parents' ...

Celebrating Humanity + Friendship @ MieNet
MieNet is a large Family Friendly site celebrating Humanity + Friendship. It hopes to contribute for a human society where mutual respect is key & race, creed, age, education, etc. are insignificant in ...

Essays by Susana Maria Rosende
Writings on the Home Page of Susana Maria Rosende, single mother, artist, technical writer, pet owner, and citizen of the world!

Coming Home
Coming Home ~ A Woman's Journey To True Self ~

Pieces of my Heart
Poetry and lyrics explocommunity life, love, society and myself combined with lots of quotes and many beautiful graphics.

Gina's Pages
just a little site about me & what I like

Arden's Aria
A personal site explocommunity the varied interests of a West Coast Wiccan. Always changing, never finished.

MTCowgirl's Page of Whoop@$$
A Montana cowgirl's stake on the internet. Currently working for the United Nations in Kosovo. Online Kosovo log, travel log, and scuba log :)

The Greek Goddess
A personal site featucommunity Greece, pet dedication pages, awards I offer, elegant greeting cards for all occasions, dedication pages to on-line groups, poetry pages, my neopets, free-for-all links, ...

Oma\'s Echo
A friendly Family Site, dedicated to the celebration of diversity.

The World of Insane Faery...
My family, my pets, adoptions, adoptables, holidays and so much more.

Welcom to Angelle Ville
my personal paradise