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Incredimail Letters by SLMP
I am fairly new to Letter Creator for Incredimail. Here are a few of my creations I've made over the last year. Just Left click on the image description to download into your Incredimail Style box. ...

Livepencil emoticons, animations, wallpapers
Amusing page where you'll find free emoticons, icons, wallpapers, animations, clipart

Chaney's Creations
Incredimail Letters I have created.

LongBraid Designs
One of the original IncrediMail sites featucommunity letters in over 100 categories, Personalized stationery & signatures, eBusiness cards, Banner ads, Photo editing & more.

Join The Inspiration community
A family friendly site now offecommunity incredimail stats and websets for download.

Peace Manor Graphics
Over 24 designs to chose from and adding more soon! Including Valentine, Victorian, Spcommunity, Bears, Angels, Bunnies, Animated, Dogs, Shih Tzus, Cats, Dollz, and Rion. Drop by today for a PEACEful ...

TraceMae's Themeland Incredimail Stationary
Incredimail letters of Disney, and Nascar Nextel Cup drivers.

Linkelink.nl - Incredimail
Incredimail Portal. With animations, links, skins, stationery, toplist, community and much more.

Ellie's Treasures
My site features Incredimail Stationery, original design, updated regularly; fonts; font tutorials; tutorials for PSP, PhotoImpact, Photoshop, and stationery design; and desktop wallpaper;IM skins coming ...

Incredimail Designs by Debra Griffith. A large variety including original artwork from my rubber stamped creations.

Loads of stats for Incredimail & OE. PSP Tuts, SBP Presets. No ads, popups or fees.

Looking for Incredimail-Letters, SigTags to request/download?DESKTOPCALENDARS? Then you are at the right place! Tubes, Alphas etc will be added soon!

Rainbow Design
More than 500 Incredimail Letter-Styles in over 30 categories using our own and our friends art art and more, plus Outlook Stationary, loads of Blinkies,wallpapers -NO POP-UPS!-

The RuRu IncrediMail & Digital Art
ThE RuRu BaCkGrOuNdS · IncrediMail · eMail · stationary · letters · pop · cyber · digital · virtual · mouse painted · Acrylic on canvas · a R t W o R k

Lazybell's Incredimails
My main hobby is to create graphic with PaintShop Pro for Websites and Incredimal stationarys There are lots of categories with letters in my website

April's Treasurechest
The Most Beautiful Incredimail Background In A Variety Of Styles.Over 500 Designs To Choose From Incliding Butterflies,Scenic,Floral,Wildlife,Sealife,Animals,Cartoons,Teddy Bears,Fantasy,Angels,Holidays,and ...


Specialized in SHAG! [Josh Agle] & Disney incredimail and outlook express!

Elisa's IM Stats
Tons of free Incredimail letters to download.

Ingrid's Incredimail Letters
Free Incredimail Letters


It’s pretty amazing how much e-mail has become so ubiquitous in people’s lives. Considering how much it was treated as a novelty just even a decade ago, e-mail has become a vital way for people to stay in touch with each other. Whether it’s sending messages to your friends, trying to make plans for Saturday night, or for conducting business, e-mail has arguably become our most common use of communication.

Of course, the question remains – if e-mail has become so standardized, why on earth is e-mailing so plain. With its similar look to a letter, many people praise the e-mail format for its plain and to the point look. However, there are many instances where you want to add some extra touches to an e-mail. After all, you can’t add those extra personal flourishes that you can when you are writing a letter. Additionally, the Internet is increasingly exploring its capabilities to add graphics for that extra personalized touch. Although there have been many changes in many Internet functions, it seems like there were only a few options for e-mail until now. That is because Incredimail is here.

What is Incredimail?

With the explosion of the personal computer market and Internet technology, a number of computer related terms have been fully accepted into our lexicon. One of these words is multimedia. Multimedia really sums up the promise of the Internet in particular and computers in general. With its capability to reproduce television’s video technology and adding some easy to use graphics flourishes, multimedia has become the norm for most computer programs. However, one avenue that this hasn’t quiet touched yet has been in e-mail. That is why Incredimail has experienced so much success in recent years. As one of the few multimedia e-mailing services, Incredimail offers its users something that other major e-mail services cannot – a sense of fun. With its easy to use formula, Incredimail is making it possible for anybody to make their e-mails look proportionally better.

Incredimail is an increasingly popular e-mail service that allows users to add some extra graphics to personalize their e-mail messages. Unlike other popular e-mail services, Incredimail provides its users with the options to add unique backgrounds, sounds, 3D effects, and animations to their e-mail. Additionally, Incredimail is equipped with a number of emoticons that you can add to fully express your emotions. After all, that has always been one of the drawbacks of e-mail – not being able to make sarcastic jokes or silly ones. However, by adding emoticon faces to your e-mail, you can be sure that the person receiving your incredimail will know exactly how you feel.

One of the biggest concerns that people have about Incredimail is having to start yet another e-mail account again. However, that is what is so impressive about Incredimail. It can be used as a standalone e-mail account or in conjunction with other e-mail services. The incredimail software is built to be compatible with popular e-mail services such as gmail, hotmail, yahoo, and aol. Additionally, incredimail is a service that doesn’t require that the person that you are sending your e-mail to has Incredimail. This is because Incredimail has been developed in a way to not compete with other e-mail services but to complement them. It is important to note, though, that the recipient of an incredimail message is required to have Incredimail to fully see the graphics and other extras that you have added to your Incredimail message.

Of course, incredimail may not be the right service for some people. After all, there are very few individuals who want to add emoticons and funny sounds to a business e-mail. However, incredimail is a fantastic service for kids who want to express their own sense of carefree humor into their e-mails. Additionally, these visually stunning e-mails are a favorite for creative designers and people who are not ashamed of embracing their inner child. It is also a great way to add some extra light touches in those conversational e-mails that you tend to send your friends. Wow the people that you love by showing how computer savvy you are by using incredimail.

The amount of services that Incredimail offers is really deserving of the company’s short form title of Incredible Mail. Incredimail boasts an easy to use interface and a number of options for its users to tinker with. For people that want to add their personal signature as the send off for their e-mails, incredimail is one of the few e-mail services that give you that option. By simply moving your mouse, you will be able to control the mouse like a pen and actually sign your own handwritten signature to your incredimail messages. Additionally, Incredimail comes equipped with a number of sound options that you can add to increase the impact of your e-mail. The best part of all is that you have the option to record your own voice and add it to your incredimail.

Although there is a good chance that Incredimail is paving the future for e-mail services, it is important that we examine some of the criticisms that have been made about the program. The current version of IncrediMail is currently not supported by the newest version of Windows, Windows Vista. For that reason, it is extremely important for individuals that are currently using Windows Vista to wait before they sign on to Incredimail’s services.

Additionally, Incredimail is known to have a few quirks. Some users have complained that the smart software that is used by incredimail to assist people write grammatically correct e-mails can be a hindrance. In some cases, Incredimail will change a letter in the middle of the word and also at the beginning of the word to a capital one, despite not being prompted. Another complaint that some users of incredimail have had is that they have lost the e-mail that they had written after selecting the option to correct typing errors. However, incredimail is working hard to correct these flaws and we will just have to wait and see how future versions of Incredimail will be equipped to handle these issues.

Incredimail Skins

One of the most startling advantages of our computer savvy generation is how much ownership that they want over the way their software looks. The last thing that anybody wants is to be the same as everyone else – that’s why everyone is turning to finding the right skin for their programs that reflect their personality. Considering their innovative attitude towards creating visually friendly multimedia e-mail, you can imagine that there are thousands of free incredimail skins that are available on line.

After all, with so much technology just at the tips of your fingers, there is no reason why you should settle for the same boring standard look of your favorite computer programs. When you find the right incredimail skin that reflects who you are, then you will find that you will be simply inspired when you are writing your Incredimail multimedia e-mail messages. They say that creativity begets creativity and you will find this to be perfectly true when you find the right incredimail skin pour tu.

In addition to these incredimail skins that you are able to find, you can also find good instructions on how to create your own incredimail skins. These personalized incredimail skins will allow you to design the way your incredimail program looks on your computer. After all, if you’re going to take the time to create personalized e-mails full of sound effects and animations, you are going to want to have a visually unique incredimail program to be working from.

Incredimail Letters

You may be thinking to yourself – what incredimail also designs letters that you are able to send, where exactly do I fit into the equation? Relax, in this case incredimail letters refer to personalized stationary templates that you can use to write your e-mail on. After all, there are occasions for e-mailing that demand a unique stationary. Thankfully there are many free incredimail letters that you are able to download!

When you go online, you will be able to find thousands of incredimail letters that are sorted out in over a hundred categories. Whether you are looking for a personalized letter stationary or an e-business card, you will have the option of finding the perfect format for your e-mail. Additionally, there are a number of software programs that you are able to find on the Interweb that will allow you to create your own personalized incredimail letters.

With the ability to create or down your own free incredimail, you will find that Incredimail is simply incredible. We live in an exciting time where technology has allowed us to express our individuality so creatively. By utilizing the numerous options that there are when you use incredimail, you will find that e-mailing will never be the same again! Amaze yourself and your friends by taking advantage of the power of incredimail and hop on the speeding train of multimedia e-mailing. It’s a decision that you won’t regret!