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A community connecting homeschooling/unschooling families and friends around the world.

HomeEducators Hideaway/Our Homeschool
My site contains various links and homeschooling descriptions. The main focus of the site is state by state field trip ideas keeping the homeschooler in mind. I also do video game reviews, and am working ...

HomeSchool Help at Sassafrass Grove
Helpful info and tools for those who home school and unschool around the world, with links on all subjects.

Donna's Catholic Homeschool Page
Need help choosing a totally Catholic curriculum...lesson plans...cross-curricular acitivies? Then here's the place for you! New ideas and pages are added regularly...so stop by and take a peek. You'll ...

Wise Wayz
A gathecommunity place to share ideas and for exploration. Spirituality, Healing, Magick, Parenting, Community, and More!

Unschooling Resources
growing link portal database of unschooling resources

DIPLOMA TEMPLATE by Patti to edit and print!
A Diploma Template by Patti for you to edit and print. It's fully editable and can be used to print a High School Diploma, Eighth Grade Diploma, College Diploma, University Diploma, or a fake diploma, ...

HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPT Template by Patti | Professional | Calculates GPA for you!
HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPT Template by Patti is very professional and has been accepted by colleges and employers. It requires Microsoft Excel and includes mathematical formulas and functions to calculate ...

jumping in
One family's homeschooling adventure begins...

A Day@ the End of the Road
A day in the life of our farmstead

Homeschooling in New York City
What's it like to homeschool in New York City? The art! The theater! The culture! The toughest homeschool rules in the country! Come join us on our fun and interesting adventure!

Michael's Unschooling Page
Personal website of an autodidactic queer FTM Transgender guy. Tons of links, personal reflections, resources, etc.

Homeschooling Journal
Welcome to The Homeschooling Journal! My daughter has "special needs" so I have chosen to homeschool her in an unschooling / relaxed homeschooling manner, starting this year. I invite you to join in the ...

Contentment Acres
A Christian homeschooling family shares their life experiences on their 14 acre farm in rural Virginia. Blog entries could feature anything going on in our lives-our walk with Christ, homeschool, family ...

Destiny Learning Academy
This is the official website of the Destiny Learning Academy. It has a variety of content such as our personal homeschooling experience as well as helpful links and more.

One mom, two kids, a dog and a dad who makes it all possible. Homeschooling in Ontario, Canada through the good, the bad, the ugly and the amusing.

Harvest Moon by Hand
Follow the journey of a Waldorf-inspired homeschooling family through the school year as well as its business, Harvest Moon by Hand.


Hoosier Homeschool Network
Hoosier Homeschool Network (HHN) is a homeschool support group open to homeschoolers in the Indiana counties of Clark, Crawford, Floyd, Harrison, Lawrence, Jackson, Jennings, Orange, Scott, and Washington. ...