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This community is for everyone who loves Harry Potter and loves knitting or crochet!

A blog that includes a movie knits section that is dominated by HP knits.

Yarn Over

Ea's One-Woman Knitting Assault
The knitting blog of a Halifax, Nova Scotia-based woman who's about to start year 3 of her English major. She started knitting the summer of 2004, and hasn't stopped since. other than knitting, she enjoys ...

30-year-old stay at home mom who has finally discovered the immense joy in knitting.

Liberty's Yarn

Talitha's Knitting Blog
A blog for me to share my knitting thoughts, successes and questions with anyone or no one.

Run, Bike, Knit
I love to run, bike, knit, and crochet. I'm a big Harry Potter fan and I gladly lose precious sleep to see a midnight HP movie or to read/finish a HP book. I also love to crochet and knit HP related ...

Jersey Knitter
Greetings! from Jersey Knitter, a blog devoted to knitting roundabout Exit 151.

Charmingly Wicked
Mostly about knitting, my kids and my hubby. With a little crochet and cross-stitch thrown in.

If It's Fiber...
I sew, knit, crochet, read and cook. I've made 8+ different HP items so far!

On The Needles
Knitting & Reading blog

Becky's Knitting
Knitting away in Austin, TX while reading and watching HP at the same time!

Crafty Neko
My craft blog.

Knitting with Laura
The place where I talk mainly about knitting, occasionally about my other interests and my life beyond knitting. Check out my pattern for a Harry Potter bookmark.

Knitter in Progress

she plays with sticks 'n yarn

In Knitting News
My mostly knitting blog, but I also talk about Star Wars, Belly Dancing and HARRY POTTER!

knitting by eye

Freshisle Fibers
Knitting, natural dyes, Suffolk wool, and of course, loving Harry Potter, from Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada.

Melanie's Knittings
A 20-something single mom, who works, attends school, reads harry potter, and KNITS KNITS KNITS!

Attention Span Of A Gnat
A website of my attempts at finishing my knitting and crochet projects!

The Stitching Hour
this is a blog about my knitting adventures....i just taught myself over this past summer, so it will be interesting!

Just A Knit Wit
One suburban gal's love affair with two sticks and a heck of a lot of stcommunity!

Purling Sprite
A loom knitter in a quest to conquer knitting with needles.

Calling on Kahlo
Besides knitting, adocommunity my cats, and working on my HP scarf, I talk about that and more.