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a community for harry potter lovers that blog! ^_^ if you have a weblog or online journal and love harry and his friends, please come join!

Hidden Hogwarts
The updates blog for our site, Hidden Hogwarts: A harry potter rpg. GO HERMIONE! *cheers* lol

Ferula is a little Harry Potter group blog. I've always loved group blogs so I decided to make one myself. There are many characters in which you can play.{;}

Hugs, Kisses, and Love ~ All From the Heart
This is just a daily blog for me to vent or whatever. I am trying to mimic Ashley by working on webdesign ^_^ My absolute favorite HP character is the Captain of the Quidditch team...Wood...he's hooot...but ...

My little blog... I love shounen ai, Harry Potter and Final Fantasy Tactics. In spanish, sorry ^_^.

Cellophane Flowers
Just your usual blog weirdness from a huge Harry Potter fan.

A spanish girl's blog who has a deeper obsession in fashion (*giggles*), writing and HP fanfiction.{;}

Shadow Play Children
The Shadow Play children Sangria and Cheima's blog, wherein they scribble all sorts of non-sensical stuff only someone thoroughly twisted would truly understand.{;}

melodious plot
the crazed weblog of a strange, strange 17 year old australian girl ... it's my pride and joy, the place that mirrors all my moods and interests, including harry potter! jk rowling is one of my idols, ...

This is just an ordinary blog where I rant and speak out my opinions. {;}

a collective domain

{;}A personal site for the ranting of Robyn. When she is not watching the movies or reading the books, the blog is the place to go!

Private Heaven
A weblog with random posts about her bocommunity life. She's also a HP fan deeply in luuv with Severus Snape

--- a deeper meaning ---
my blog, i love Remus Lupin and Sirius Black.

this is me... deal with it
all about me and my wacky world

angel with black wings
I'm a fan of Harry Potter, LOTR, Anne Rice, Matrix......^o^..{;} {;}

Snuffles's Weird Little Brain
Just my little blog....were I can rant. ^__^ Yay....And my favorite character, if you can't already tell by my name, is Sirius "Padfoot" Black!!!{;}

Harrys Hogwarts
A time of evil has spread over the wizarding world. Harry Potter is but a small child, Voldermort is nowhere to be found, but there are more evils in the world! Come join the fun. We need strong wizards ...

Personal/blog of a 16 year old teen who absolutely LOVES HP..(particularly Snape) ;)

smartee's blog
{;}personal public blog

Avada Kedavra
If you are a serious HP fan, a good one, not a 13-year-old child who thinks the movie is all that exists and likes to see more than that, we could be good friends...{;}

When Boredom Sets In
A personal site of a 20-something woman in San Diego. Links to sites i've created as well as pictures from fan events. I love all things Harry Potter, especially Ron Weasley!{;}

Black Roses for Sirius
A blog dedicated to the remembrance of Sirius Black and his unwavecommunity loyalty to the Potters and his other closest friends.

Moonflower Child
A blog about my life after moving from Michigan to England to be with my hubby.

Harry potter
my web site consists of harry potter stuff and many more