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A community for HP fangirls to gather and join together!

blog~{;}Yes, one of my favorite characters is Percy. XD

All about Harry Potter slash fanfiction

+ ShirleySiaton.blogspot.com +
The blog of Shirley, an author, IT specialist and martial artist from the Philippines.

players ground
My lil' blog-like thingy...{;}

The Very Secret Diary
Come and take a peek into the journel of Tom Marvello Riddle ^0^ You might have a surprise in store...

Shadow Play Children
The Shadow Play children Sangria and Cheima's blog, wherein they scribble all sorts of non-sensical things only someone thoroughly twisted would truly understand.

CLAMP freak and loves her bishies XD Known to go berserk at times.... {;}

Adakie's Realm
Welcome to Adakie's Realm, my little piece of the internet. This is the place where I post all my recent projects. Here you can find fanfiction, fanart, winamp skins, desktops, and even mini-shrines ...

Harry Potter Anime Fangirls Anonymous
The offical HPAFA page ^_^

Glomping Butterflies
Hikaru's fic blog. Yes, just like the name says, we have glomping butterflies. Come visit the insanity.

do come in.
Fan art (including Harry in a gallery of his very own) in brain-harming colors, custom toys, and dizzy links to all over.

A Harry Potter fanart site with an anime/manga influence.

Avada Kedavra
HP blog ^_^ S+R-ness and more. ^^'

It's a yaoi domain...you figure it out. XD

Ivory Tower
The blog of a Ravenclaw girl who has a big crush on a certain DADA prof.{;}

Beautiful Disaster
harry potter fanart drawn by me.

Aqueous Transmission
One of these weird blogs ^_^u