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a community for all who enjoy the true magic of Harry Potter.

A Harry Potter fanart site with an anime/manga influence.

Ferula is a little Harry Potter group blog. I've always loved group blogs so I decided to make one myself. There are many characters in which you can play.

Beautiful Disaster
my harry potter fanart.

Fear of Darkness
okay, fear of dakrnessis sort of a personal site, except it had music, and anime-information, and i am going to work on a harry potter section once ms. rowling releases the fifth book...

Neurotic Fishbowl
The Neurotic Fishbowl that is my life.

the Marauder's map
My site's really pretty simple. It's a collection of Harry Potter quotes, organized by book and character.

Elven Realm
It's a personal site that's devoted mainly to me, but it does have a section on Harry that I plan to expand once I finish collecting my research.

personal online journal/diary

On the Outisde
Personal Site

a chinese girl from HK, living in sydney, she's short, loud and weird, and absolutely LOVES harry potter.

A Harry Potter RPG blog, as played by many rabid fans.

this is luka's blog.

Angels Of The Mist
Its... just my lil space on the net. That ok??

Wizard Wheeze
A Harry Potter RPG focusing soley on everyone's favorite pranksters--Fred and George! ^_^

My blog/collective

Rika is a fifteen year-old soon to be high school sophomore... Currently never been kissed. Naive, headstrong, and kogal-wannabe, she fences and loves anime, shopping, and her many wonderful friends.

Smashingly Ravishing
cool! yah. Rockin

My realm
im not to nifty with html, so instead of a blog, i have a diary :){;}im not shur wot else to put on my site rite now, but i promise it will all be clean :)

Chambers Hogwarts
Did you ever wish you were a witch or wizard? Well on this site you can!

Many Moons
Just my personal site with some fun stuff for you to do :)

A personal blog/diary that i update everyday. Expressions of my mind, words of my heart.

Avada Kedravra
A Harry Potter blog including You-know-who, sexy Potion Masters, werewolves, doggies and all the other Rowling fauna. :P

The personal site/blog of a ... confuzzled girl.

Crystal Butterflyz
A blog/personal site of a fan of Ayumi Hamasaki!

Harry Potter Writers' Guild
Harry Potter Writers' Guild aims to be a resource for both the new and experienced 'Harry Potter' fanfic writer. We have a list of beta reading volunteers, a web directory, and an archive listing with ...