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If you've been in awe of hovercraft since the first time you laid eyes on one on television as a child, then you'd be happy to know that there is information out there that teaches you how to make a hovercraft of your very own! And you know what? We have it right here in this community!
This is your place to be if you've got a thing for hovervcraft! You can find all kinds of goodies like hovercraft information, including some on how to build a hovercraft. We've also got products, used hovercrafts for sale and a bunch more!

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Find Hovercraft information which also includes How to build a Hovercraft. We have Air cushion Vehicle. (ACV) Also includes Radio Control Hovercraft and more.

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This is the best place to be for Hovercraft information including How to build a Hovercraft, Air cushion Vehicle (ACV) We also have Radio Control Hovercraft.

Hovercraft - Riding On Air Can Get You Everywhere

There’s just no denying it: Hovercraft are cool to watch, and every more exciting to ride in!

Also called an air-cushion vehicle (ACV), a hovercraft is designed to travel over any smooth surface. It’s supported by a cushion of high-pressure, slow-moving air, ejected downwards against the surface beneath the craft and contained within a surrounding panel called a "skirt."

Remarkably, an inventor in Little Rock, Arkansas – not a place you’d normally associate with hovercraft – created a major advancement in hovercraft design. Norman B. McCreary invented the "Double-Walled Flexible Skirt" in 1960. McCreary’s patented idea, later known as the "Bag Skirt," inflated around the edge of the hovercraft, and was a major technological development enabling hovercraft to move effectively over uneven terrain or waves. After McCreary’s idea was made public, all hovercraft began utilizing a "Double-Walled Flexible Skirt" system.

Hovercraft can travel over water, land and ice, making them popular for sporting or passenger service. One or more engines power a hovercraft. Small hovercraft typically have one engine, while large vehicles have several. On large craft, one engine drives the fan, called an “impeller,” which creates the high-pressure air that lifts the vehicle. This pressurized air inflates the skirt, causing it to rise above the surface, and then additional engines propel the vehicle forward.

The first practical human-carrying hovercraft was developed between 1959 and 1961 by the British aircraft manufacturer Saunders-Roe. The first passenger-carrying hovercraft to enter service, the Vickers VA-3, began carrying passengers in the summer of 1962 along the north Wales Coast from Moreton, Merseyside to Rhyl. The world's first car-carrying hovercraft made its debut in 1968, the BHC Mountbatten class (SR-N4), used by rival operators Hoverlloyd and Seaspeed to carry cars and passengers across the English Channel. The service ceased in 2000 after 32 years because of competition with traditional ferries, catamarans, the hovercraft’s advancing age and the opening of the Channel Tunnel.

The U.S. Postal Service in 1998 began using a British-built hovercraft, the Hoverwork AP1-88, to haul mail, passengers and freight from Bethel, Alaska, to and from eight remote villages along the Kuskokwim River. Since Bethel is far removed from the Alaska road system, the hovercraft makes a good alternative to air-based delivery.

Now that you know the history of the hovercraft, you're probably even more in awe than before! They are definitely awe inspiring to say the least which is likely why so many people find themselves drawn to them. Depending on where you live; having one may actually be a good idea and getting your hands on one is certainly a lot easier than it used to be. You can do a little search via the net and find all kinds of opportunities for owning one of these cool machines! It's not often you find an affordable one for sale, but for the mechanically inclined--or at least adventurous--you can find information on how to build a hoverraft! Not sure you wanna go that route but still think they're super cool? Then you may be better off getting yourself a radio control hovercraft instead. This way you still get to be in awe and watch it glide about without risking killing anyone!