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I'm a woman with at least half a brain who spends most of her time talking to a two year old, trying to talk to a thirteen year old and conspicommunity to get a moment alone with my husband. We live ...

The Rantings of a Desperate housewife
The rantings of Joy, a mother of 4 girls, two of them being teenagers, and wife of 10 years. She's your typical loud Greek-American girl who always has something to say...

the peanut gallert
all about life with a peanut

Chicago Mama Spot
Observations of a Mom, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Dog-Owner . . . Trying to do it right, stay happy and have fun. All this is complicated by a healthy dose of A.D.D.

30 Days of Do
More annoying and repetitive than the last 3 Highlander movies

Living your best life today
Living your best life today is the latest journaling and archives from Rebecca Paramore, a mother of four, on topics such as family fun, marriage, motherhood, home, money, recipes, being the best me e ...

Urbane Chaos
I went to college for this? Mom who parents on the fly, figures it out as she goes, and having a helluva lot of fun on the way.

View From The Valley
Random meanders of a red-state liberal and stay-at-home, Alabama mom of two.

Yarn It
A SAHM/housewife of four kids (five including my loving husband), who loves to knit, workout, spend time with the family, and have lot's of fun when time allows.

Queen of a Disney Castle; King and Princes Included
A work from home Mom of 4 boys ramblings about life, her family, her joys and struggles with raising a son with Autism and more.

Her Bad Mother
The Amazing and True Adventures of WonderBaby, Future Ruler of the Known and Unknown Universe! (With Editorial Comment from Her Bad Mother...)

Happy Momma
Stay at home mom with a 3 year old and 1 year old daughter. Livin' it up and lovin' life!

Musings on politics, culture, law and motherhood from a political mom.

The Retro Housewife and the Ladies Who Lunch
Retro Housewife - Putting pride back into the housewife!

you da mom!
one housewife's journey into diaperland

Ramblings of Maggie
Digital magpie

The Zen of Cheese
A journey into the weird, the wild, and the cheesy. Musings on child-reacommunity, religion, politics, pop culture, with a steaming side of daily hum-drum. Come visit the Cheese Family!

Dirty Banana Pants
I'm a black man trapped in a white woman's body. I'm also a working mother.

Crunchy Carpets
When even the professional carpet cleaners refuse to even TRY to deal with my house. That is what two adults, two kids, two cats and a dog do to a tiny townhouse. Welcome to my world

mother of three shacommunity her unbelievable stories and reaching out to others that are interested in humor

Chef\'s Widow
This is a story of a 27 year old wife, mother, and goddess. She is married to a fabulous Executive Chef in NYC, she is mother to the best boy in the universe, Catcher, and she is a goddess to her pups, ...

A Mommy's Life
"Why? Because I'm The Mommy!" A Mommy's Life is the chronicle of the experiences of "The Mommy", a first time mother "of advanced maternal age" to a beautiful little girl-child "Princess Tater Tot". ...

Journey to Mommyhood
This is my daily journey into mommyhood. I have no biological children of my own (working on that) but have 2 great stepkids (19,14) and a ton of kids in my life. Tips on kids, cooking, housekeeping, and ...

Miz BoheMia's Rhapsody
A San Franciscan at heart, welcome to the realm of the quirky, eccentric, explosive, unabashed, unashamed & absolutely unapologetic... Miz BoheMia! Enter at your own risk.

Drunken Housewife
The acerbic musings and rantings of an overeducated housewife who reads too much, thinks too much, drinks too much, and doesn't get enough exercise. Bonus: cocktail recipes!

Blonde Chick Bloggin'
Just a Blonde Chick from the midwest. I have 2 children, 2 stechildren, a husband, a dog, and 2 cats. Oh yeah, and I work full-time, too. ... it's just another day in PARADISE.

Confessions of an everyday housewife
everything SHAM/SAHW

Home-Ec 101
Home-Ec 101 is a snarky look at the ins and outs of household chores run by two WAHMs who are tired of saccharine household sites.

The Anti-Domestic Goddess
My little nook in the world! Life is crazy, and just gets crazier. Proud firefighter's wife, Target slave, part-time housewife with massive baby fever. Come join me in the insanity of my life!

Families are like fudge...mostly sweet with a few nuts
A site about the life and times of a SAHM to two boys - a three year old and a 12 month old. Some days are good and some days are bad. =)

No Average Mom
Nothing about motherhood is average. This site strives to remind readers that being a wife and mother is not all that we are.

the impatient blogger
Snapshots from the life of a woman of substance and the self proclaimed Bead Queen of the Universe™ and Mistress of the Bead™. Add dash of humor, a smattecommunity of contemplation with copious amounts ...

house of h
Mother. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Editor. Writer. Silly pants. Riding the roller coaster of new motherhood.

Coma Girl
I have lots to say and my husband is sick of heacommunity it. So, I take time out of my busy day of singing “wheels on the bus”, watching Noggin, doing laundry, making dinner and listening to the dramas ...

Canadian Thoughts in Texas
The purpose of this blog? There is none. Nothing enlightning here, unless you consider babies, poop, destructive dogs or random thoughts enlightning. If you do, welcome. Grab yourself some chocolate.

50% of my DNA
In my former life, I was a scientist. Now I am just a stay at home mom who is trying to figure what happened when 50% of her DNA got passed to another...

Amygdala Thoughts
This is a personal blog in which I try to add an ounce of creativeness to my life through my feeble attempt at writing.

Rowan Forest Homeschool
Our homeschool uncensored

The Happy Housewife
This is what they call Domestic Blitz...

Dallas Miao\'d
A step off that little train of sanity into station Dallas Miao\'d, my cozy corner of North Texas. I\'m a single parental unit with teenagers, hence the occasional edge towards incoherent, garbled babbling. ...

The Chaos Mommy
I'm a SAHM of a toddler, a tween, and a fiesty first grader. My hubby is a soldier in the good ole US Army. I rarely have time to myself, my house is never clean, and I'm far too addicted to the computer. ...

Heading Towards Disaster
Just me :-)

A personal blog of a girl, married to a Navy guy. Babies, life, photos, crafts and military living follow.

The Cafe at the End of the Universe
A blog for shacommunity a glimpse into our crazy life at home.

Tutti Head
We live a nomadic lifestyle. Share a few laughs with me as I try to adjust to my new environments. And I'll share a few opinions too about politics, religion, motherhood or whatever else is on my mind ...

Mumbochick: Psycho Mom and Therapist

The Horseshoeing Housewife
Blogging 365 about rural AZ life, shoeing horses, raising kids, training dogs and horses and all that goes with it. Funny with good pictures

Play At Home Mom
My survival secrets (ha!) as a stay at home mom. Crazy stories, funny finds, and random things to keep your mind working at grown-up speed.

family ramblings

Fairy Tale Housewife
This is my blog about and for housewives. I am a housewife and i love it, but sometimes i just want to talk to other ladies who understand me.