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Smoky Mountain Heartland Chapter, Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club
Homepage of the Smoky Mountain Heartland Chapter, Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club. Featucommunity Club Info., Applications, Calendar of Events, Hudson History, Links, Member's Cars Gallery and More.

Large collection of photos form local, Barstow CA, car shows

Ford Mustang
Ford Mustang ... The Original Pony Car

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Antelope Valley's #1 Classic Used Car Dealer
We are the #1 dealer of classic used cars in the Antelope Valley area, covecommunity Palmdale, Lancaster, Littlerock, just 45 minutes north of Los Angeles. Browse our online showroom and check out our ...

1100+ Novelty Vanity License Plates & Signs
1100+ Novelty Vanity License Plates, Signs & Light Switch Covers that are the Highest Quality Embossed Aluminum & we ship worldwide. There are many laugh out loud funny, John Deere, Ford, Chevy, Dodge, ...

Catering to Enthusiasts of Fine Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles As well as any other Special Interest Transportation World-Wide

Car Clubs, Thunderbirds, Hot rods and Classics. We are located in Indianapolis,IN. We have two great car clubs. Vintage Thunderbird Club of Indiana and SML Car Club. Both are really awesome clubs ...


Have you ever been to a hotrod show at a fair or in a grocery store parking lot? As soon as the weather starts to get nice, you’ll see hotrods and street rods on the road making their way to street rod shows. For those of you who’ve never been to a hotrod or street rod show, hotrods are cheap old cars that have been gutted and restored or altered by replacing parts and paring the car down or simply by giving the old car some superficial aesthetic updates. The term hotrod refers to the car’s cam, which was often replaced when the hotrod was altered. In some hot rods, the entire transmission, engine, brakes and steering are replaced. Today there is a huge hotrod culture in the United States and Sweden and people come from all over the place to go to hotrod shows and hotrod races.

Hot Rod Cars

Most hot rods are Fords made between 1930 and 1945. Cars from before the war made good hot rod cars because they could be obtained cheaply and could be modified using scrap parts. Today, people are still making hotrods and having hotrod shows and hotrod races. There are many different types of hotrods too, like the street rod and the rat rod. There’s also a hotrod association that makes all the rules for hotrod racing and brings hotrod lovers together. The hotrod association has something for everyone, even if you’re not so much into hotrods. For instance, if you’re interested in hotrods but your girlfriend doesn’t care so much for hotrods, bring her to a hotrod show and introduce to some of the hot rod girls. She’ll make some friends and maybe become a hot rod girl herself if all goes well.

Hot Rod Girls

With any popular car comes a marketing campaign that is demeaning to women. Of course, the American hotrod comes with the hot American hot rod girls. The hot rod girls, much like the nascar girls, are a bunch of scantily clad busty models climbing all over cars for photo shoots and pinup calendars. I bet that if you were to buy a hotrod, you’d have hot rod girls in bikinis following you around day and night, dying to have someone take their picture with your hotrod. It would get to be a pain when you just want to go buy some groceries and all the hotrod girls come out of nowhere and start attacking you. But that’s the price you pay for owning a sweet hotrod. Have you ever been to a hotrod show? It’s all young girls in bikinis drooling over your hotrod’s new transmission, saying, ‘where did you get these sweet hot rod parts?’

Hot Rod Parts

If you’ve looking to build a hotrod, you’re going to need some hotrod parts and an old hotrod. You might want to check out hotrod magazine to find hotrods for sale or hotrod traders. This is also a good place to look for hotrod parts. The beauty of building a hotrod is that you don’t need any particular impossible-to-find parts because you can make a hotrod however you like. Because hotrods are custom cars, you can customize all the parts to make a very unique and personal hotrod. If you wanted to make a batman themed hotrod, you could have some custom parts made for your hotrod to make it resemble the batmobile. If that seems like too much work to put into your hotrod, you could simply paint your hotrod black and stencil a batman logo onto it. Because hotrods have become so popular, it is becoming more and more difficult to find original t-model fords to gut and customize, so some hot-rodders buy fake fiberglass hotrod frame replicas. You can also buy steel hotrod reproductions that can cost up to ten thousand dollars.

Custom Cars

Speaking of custom cars, why is it that you see so few custom cars on the road? Well the thing is that custom cars are custom made, usually with custom parts, so there aren’t too many custom cars to begin with. That’s kind of the point of making custom cars. And what do custom cars look like? That’s another good question. Custom cars can look any way you want them to look because they’re custom made. If you want a custom car with wings, it can be done, and chances are, yours will be the only custom car like it. Did you know that hotrods are custom cars? Hot rods, as well as rat rods are custom cars often made with custom parts. The difference between a hot rod and a rat rod is that a rat rod is a hot rod that follows the traditional way of building a hotrod without all the frills. And finally the street rod is entirely different to the hotrod and the rat rod.

Street Rods

Street rods are different to hotrods in that they can be modified in any way as long as they are modified cars from 1948 or earlier that are safe and functional. Street rods by definition are not for racing and if entered in a street rod show, must be able to make it to the show by their own power. There is also a video game called street rods for street rod enthusiasts. It involves racing other street rods to win money so that you can buy custom parts for your own hotrod. If you win enough money racing your street rod to make a really nice hotrod, you can challenge the street rod king to a race. The prize is his girlfriend. Are we surprised?