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The Allies of the Empire community is a community for any site containing fantasy or roleplaying material. Whether you have created your own fantasy realm you wish to share with others, or have a site full of information regarding roleplaying games, this is the community for you.

Pavillon Noir
Jeu de rôle historique sur les pirates et flibustiers des XVIIeme et XVIIIeme siècles. 1000 pages de révolte pour suivre le sillage de sang et de terreur de ces précurseurs de nos démocraties, le tout ...

Community of Realms
{;}The Community of Realms is a place for different types of RP'ers to come together in order to share information on plots, stories, and character creations. Talk on the different message boards the players' ...

Crystals by Rob
This site is about crystals and gemstones. How to program cleanse and charge your crystals. An extensive list of gemstones with their healing properties and related chakras. Also many pages on fantasy ...

A site set up where people can advertise their role-playing games. This site allows you to send and receive posts from your email account if you prefer, has moderators keeping an eye to nip flaming and ...

The EnchantedCastle
A place to believe in the magic of your dreams again.

Garden of Dreams
This is the Garden of Dreams Community site. Please come and visit!

Allies of the Empire community Home Site
This is the homepage of the Allies of the Empire Community.

Empire of the Horn
The Empire is a vibrant land of mythical religions and dangerous seductions. Come visit the Empire and and leave yourself behind.

Lady Pablova's World
My world ô fantasy. Includes shrine of The Last Unicorn and The Labyrinth. So much stuff to have fun for hours!

Temple of the Stone
The Temple of the Stone is the gateway to Avarlyn, a richly woven, original fantasy world. With tons of original material and over 100 netbooks, tomes, and texts, the Temple offers everything an adventurer ...

Welcome to a world of darkness and light, of honor and deception, of magic and lore ... where thieves plot in shadow, gypsies dance in firelight, rangers vow justice, fae shimmer with mischief, and missionaries ...

Silvinisy's Lair
Dragons abound on this site, a site for fantasy lovers young and old. {;}{;}With a growing library, jokes, quotes, and much more.

fake reflection
dark,horror,gothic,fantasy/anime art,poems. come in and enjoy{;}the fantasy within

The Norien Sacrifice
An all original fantasy RPG, where nothing is what it seems. If you're looking for an RPG where you can let loose and have fun, but still want wonderfully written posts and dedication by the other members, ...

Gus Nest
This is my personal page, here you can find many resources for RGP, Fantasy Arts and more.

Erick Emert
I'm Erick Emert - Founder of Ardeon, a Web Community for Writers, Artists, and Poets here on the Internet. This site contains articles and information on my work, WorldBuilding, Baseball History, and personal ...

Legend of Askos
Legend of Askos is a fantasy play-by-post RPG set in a completely original world. Specifically we are looking for mature role players, although not necessarily ones with years of experience.

AKM rpg
AKM rpg is a new forum-texted based rpg, that has many options to explore. Join, and train in the city of Fenhar, trying to maintain reputation at the arena.

Romance Of The Four Kingdoms
A Fantasy Freeform Role Playing site, where the action centres more around the creativity and descriptive skills of the Role Player, rather than the stats he has or the moves he uses.

City of IF
Free online story-based rpgs where you and others use chat, forums, and voting to cooperatively roleplay a single character. Choose from dozens of storygames or create your own.

Medieval RP
A website filled with some of the best roleplayers on the net that currently needs some new members. Anyone can create a character and start roleplaying, and the community, is fun, supportive, and helpful It ...

Purgatory - RPG
Welcome to Purgatory RPG, you play in Purgatory, a town housing what is left of humanity as they struggle to survive in a world where they are outnumbered by the supernatural creatures who have taken over. ...

Sharvani: Land of Dreams
We are a free form roleplaying forum. We have a wide variety of rp genre's and even though we are a small community we are an active community. Come join in the fun!

Ironlands Fantasy RPG
Welcome, friend, to the Ironlands. A place of story and song, hope and fear, life and death. And oh yes, iron. The gift of the gods, the blood of the world, the maker of kings and the taker of kingdoms, ...

SUPER CRUSADERS is a Superhero RPG that can be downloaded from the site