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Click Member link to see site in tvAngels Are With Us
Memorial for our angels,communitys, graphics,websets,certificates,poems and much more. {;}

Our Angels In Waiting
Tribute to my 7 children....5 in heaven and 2 on earth

Our Olivia
Please come and meet our daughter, Olivia Anne. A daughter we can only imagine to be since her untimely death has robbed us of our future with her{;}

Angels Arms Around Him
This is a loving tribute to our son, Cody Matthew, who was born three months too early. We will always love you, baby.

Nathaniel's Gift Of Love
Dedicated to my angels, Nathaniel and Kristen both taken from this life too soon.{;}

~ Brody Mitchell Albert
A memorial to our son Brody who passed away at 22 months of age due to being severly shaken by his caregiver.

Our Angel Baby
A memorial for our angel baby who is forever loved and missed{;}

Our Daughter, Our angel, Dionna Rose
This site was created in memory of our forever angel baby, Dionna Rose. Became an angel on 12/27/2002-born on 12/28/2002. She will always be loved and is sadly missed. She is our daughter-our angel ...

In Memory of Abigail Theodora McCabe
A tribute and reflections on our firstborn daughter, Abigail Theodora, who was stillborn at 33 weeks.

The Kierra Harrison Foundation
Our child care industry is in crisis, our children are dying every day from a lack of minimum licensing standards and failure to monitor the existing poor standards. Help us help the children and keep ...

Angel Heart Memorials
Memorial site for all of the angels who have flown to heaven to soon.{;}

This is the story of our son, Harry George Cresser, who will always be loved and kept close to our hearts forever.

Casey James
{;}Casey James Memorial website...dedicated to my son who died after 7 days on earth.

Joey's Memorial
Memorial site dedicated to my son Joey who went to heaven when he was 15 years old after being hit by a car in front of his high school at dismisal time

Loving Memory
This site qas set in memory of my son, Kevin who passed away from cancer in January of 2000 at the very young age of twenty one. We miss him and love him very much.{;}Robert Kevin Mattingly{;}12/16/7 ...

On Wings of Faith
This webhome is dedicated to our Lord,{;}Jesus Christ with deepest love for Him.{;}Praise, Prayer, Poetry, Anointed Music{;}and Exquisite Graphics,blend to bcommunity{;}encouragement and inspiration ...

In Memory Of Cheyenne
I built my site as a memorial to a very good friends daughter Cheyenne. Cheyenne died because of a common household danger.... MINI BLINDS

Remembecommunity Angel Oihei
For my beloved sibling Oihei. Who had lost to abortion in 1993. I will love you forever!

Our Angel
memorial site for my angel Jordan Angeles Gongora lost 8/21/02 to miscarriage at 13.5 weeks gestation

For the Love of Heather
About my daughter Heather who died in a car accident at 17yrs of age, includes all about her gift of life organ donation

In memory of our son
This is in memory of our son Dylan due to placenta abruption at 38 weeks of pregnancy. We miss Dylan very much and he will be in our hearts forever.

In Memory of Kevin
Several pages dedicated to the memory of my son Kevin, a special needs child who at the age of 18 died from complications after scoliosis surgery.{;}Jan 30, 1979 - Aug 4, 1997

Davids Memorial
A beautiful tribute to my darling little son who became an angel a long time ago, He had Neuroblastoma. I just want the world to know a mother's heart never heals from such a loss.

Galatians 5
A memorial to our daughter, Anna, who was taken Home to be with the Lord on May 30, 1997 as a result of cancer. Galatians 5 offers prayer, support, comfort, hope and shared tears to all grieving pare ...

Jeremy's Wings
A memorial to my son Jeremy who was murdered in July of 2000 at the age of 8 weeks old

On Angel's Wings, Abigail Chrystal Kuzel
These pages are for our forever one hour old daughter, Abigail Chrystal Kuzel. She was taken from this world so abrubtly. She lost her life as a result of potters syndrome(which is the failure to develop ...

Olivia Katherine's Castle In The Sky
This site is a memorial to my very special angel, my sweet Olivia Katherine, who was misscarried March 5th, 2000. This site shows how Livy's love changed my life forever and how Livy forever lives on in ...

David Edward Lowe
A beautiful tribute to my darling little son who became an angel a long time ago because of cancer. I will never forget him.

Our Little Angel Brice Thomas Conrad
My son's fight to live after being born premature.

This is a educational memorial site dedicated to my angel babies Ryan and Jesse who have gone to heaven due to birth defects they are forever missed {;}

For Caleb
Dedicated to my baby, Caleb, who passed away due to CDH.{;}

~ Fallon ~
{;}A memorial to our daughter Fallon who passed away from SIDS at five weeks of age.

~ Baby Rogers ~
{;}A memorial to our child born to heaven on May 17, 2000 due to miscarriage.

In Memory of Stan Jr.
A page in memory of Our Son..

Our Frog Baby
A tribute to our Angel, our only child Ethan Alan Cox

Tiffany Thorpe
Read Tiffany's story, she was murdered by her own father.

Cassandra's Memorial
This is a memorial for my angel Cassandra, who I lost to SIDS 1994.{;}

My Angel David
A memorial site dedicated to my Son who was killed when he was struck by a car.

Jenn's Friends in Heaven
Links to memorial sites dedicated to my daughter Jenn who was killed in a car crash July 30, 2000.

Lost Angels
A forums and chat site for out Lost Angles

Elaina Rose
this site was built for our daughter who passed from anencephaly

In Memory of Reds
Dedicated to Jason, killed at 16 years old by an unlicensed, unregistered, uninsured drugged driver.

In loving memory- April Dawn Black
In loving Memory of our Beloved Daughter April Dawn Black. April 30th 1983 - Nov. 18th 1990.

Remembecommunity Our Sweet Little Man Forever and Always
A memorial website for my son, Blake, who died at the age of 12 days old.

My butterfly
A memorial to my husband , the love of my life.

For The Love of Auzariah
This is our Families Website in Honor Of Auzariah MiAnjewel Bashir Born sleeping July 21st 2007


Angel Davina!
A site about my little angel Davina!

Drews Memorial Quilt
Drews Memorial Quilt with passing away a little over a year ago. Here you can submit a tile to be added or I will help you make one. It can be of anyone you lost friend, family or pet. Drew needs company. ...