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Recovery from incest and child-abuse is not fun. Neither incest nor child-abuse are pretty. Many victime grow up to continue being victims while others grow up to be abusers. None of us grows up unaffected. This community will bcommunity you the many different sides of these issues.

Parents Against Child Pornography
Educating parents about the dangers of child sexual abuse.We also have survivor help, art, poems and stories. We fight for all childrens rights.

Jesus Loves U 2 - Child Sexual Abuse
Articles, discussions, and resources on child abuse, survival issues, offenders, Child sexual abuse prevention, statistics, safety tips, abuse indicators, and links to get help. This site is dedicated ...

Once Upon Opening Pandora's Box
This is my narrative about remembecommunity, understanding, and trying to recover from PTSD due to early childhood sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, with the goal of helping other survivors and promoting ...

Good Samaritan Ministries Alaska
A Christian site dedicated to providing truth and hope from the damages of childhood sexual abuse. Topics covered are DID/MPD, Depression, Eating disorders, Self harm, Abortion. Encouraging people thru ...

moms against child molesters
help for moms of molested children.

Butterfly Gardens
This site is dedicated to victims and survivors of sexual abuse and incest. You will find information regarding sexual abuse and incest along with My Story and support chat forums.