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Are you messed? Got a screw loose? Do people tend to steer clear of your enigmatic persona? Are you commonly referred to as an aberration of nature? Are you frequently misunderstood? Is that because you're speaking in tongues? Do you like pie? Cheese? Muffins? Do you have muffins? (It's not a requirement. I'm just naturally curious. And hungry.){;}{;}If you answered "yes" to any (or all, for you really scary little monkeys) of the above, then you probably need psychotherapy, but who doesn't? Huzzah! You're pretty dang incredible for a mutant! We need to sign you up, babycakes! Become one with The Body! (<-- obscure Star Trek reference) You know you wanna!

Kimberly Teed .com
For the curious folks who want to know what I'm reading, watching, playing, doing, thinking, listening to, etcetera :)

Random thoughts of a 17 year old...and wow, sometimes I'm serious...:P

diary of a madwoman 'cause it's a mad, mad world out there!

My place to do what I want with... no apologies for my views of the world... but I do it peacefully ^_^

My personal page where I post daily weird, and some helpful and humorous links, also includes my blog, webcam, and info about me, b4rb.

Sarah's Blog
My daily Blog/Journal. Fav site links. Clip Art

bluegirl life -- virtually existing
the virtual life of a virtual no one

Faded * * Simplicity
It's my own personal webpage that i update monthly (Or at least I try to) .. And I have nice pictures of me on there with dolls quizzes, quotes etc. Check it out and tell me what you think by signing the ...

Umm... Spork?
This is me; being me. I fail to see the problem in that.

Northern Star: A Weblog
My personal site including my blog, writing, digital art and some crap about me.

Cybertoad's Blog on Life
Greetings from Houston, Texas...Just a personal blog where this crazy Cuban-American rants and raves about her daily going-on's.. nothing too thrilling but hopefully not that bocommunity either! :D

This is a quasi-personal blog-type thing spawned from Malice's livejournal. Drop on in.

My messy life in fiber arts, writing and social work.

Come On, Get Lively
The personal blog of author Kathryn Lively; step inside her mind but watch your feet.

A Little Humor
I love to make people laugh. That's what this site of mine is about... hope you enjoy it

Fresh, Hot Wastes of Time
A melange of freshly culled weird/fun/disturbing/silly links and personal muttecommunitys.

Possibly Interesting
Possibly Interesting things that occur to me on a quasi-daily basis. Things that are possibly only interesting to me. Things that may possibly make me seem interesting. Interestingly enough.

Plum Crazy
Home of the Vast Center Wing Conspiracy

Hello My Memoirs
Hello My Memoirs is my place to vent and talk to myself...And maybe you too!{;}My aunt recently told me if I wrote my book I would be on volume.{;}This is because I have always had some type of crisis ...

Philippa's Photography - Incurable Hippie
A blog containing photographs, ideas, discussion and image manipulation tutorials from incurable hippie. All this, plus inspiration from others' photographic work, and technical aspects of photography ...