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Click Member link to see site in tvIn Memory of John Ciampi
This site is dedicated to John Ciamp, a college football star who died tragically at age 20

Lady Vipers Haven
My site has many different things to offer. It is a personal site with an angel page and a memorial to my mother as well as a poetry page and a teddy bear page.

Forever On My Mind
This is a memorial page dedicated to my mother, Mary, who died quickly from cancer. I never had a chance to say goodbye to her. This is my goodbye!

Tea For Two
This is a lovely Tea site with a lot of recipes to make that special tea party a success. We love food and most of all we love people. Hopefully this site can help make it a little more pleasant for ...

Forever Dad
This site is in dedication of my dad, Artie, who passed away in 1990 with cancer. I have constructed this memorial site in honor of him, which consists of 3 pages, including a beautiful lake applet and ...

Memorial To Our Loved Ones
A memorial site for my daughter and others lost to substance abuse. I want{;}it to be a place where parents can show their children the damage drugs/alcohol use causes. Anyone who has lost a loved one ...

Tribute to Kandi, Jeramie and Pennie
A Tribute to my two daughters and Grandson.

In Memory of Lucas Edward Copeland
Memorial to our son who died as a result of depression, September 16, 1996.

In Memory of Rebecca Ann Dagley Fersner
Memorial to my sister, Becky, who died as a result of depression, October 18, 1993.

Yummy Recipes
This is the home of Yummy Recipe Community. Great cooks on the internet.{;}We also have compassion for those who are suffecommunity grief over a lost love one.{;}

Love Never Dies
This is the home page for Love Never Dies Community. This community is open to everone who has lost a dear friend or a love one. God Bless You.

Gardener Angel
Dedicated in memory of a lovely Lady who for nearly fifty years filled my life with joy, as a Wife, Mother of my children, and Best Friend. Love can ... and does indeed last a lifetime. It would be my ...

HOPE Memorial
This memorial is dedicated to our love ones, the ones we will never hold again. My Angel was sleeping in her bed when an animal crept into the room and murdered her. To read Wendy's story, please click ...

Crafty's Home On The web
{;}together again,is just a story of a love that never ended and now they rest together again in heaven

In loving memory of my 2 older brothers...
This site was compiled after my 2 older brothers died 10 months to the day apart from each other. They were twins, and both died, ironically, in vehicular related accidents.

In Memory of Cheyenne
This site is built as a tribute to a very close friends of mine daughter Cheyenne. She died by of all things Mini-blinds. A little thought of danger lurking in most homes.

*Tribute To The Attack on America September 11, 2001 Communitys*
Our site has Communitys on it, a Tribute to September 11, 2001.{;}

This Memorial site is Dedicated to my Father it is Dads Home Page and my first one to a love one. Oct.31,1930 to July.23,1996 {;}http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/7116/DAD.HTML{;} {;} {;}{;}{;}{;}

In Loving Memory of Mom
A page dedicated to my loving mother! 9/16/50 ~ 05/11/02{;}Who was killed in an auto accident at the age of 51. Please sign the memorial guestbook! Thank you!

Memories Of A Cowboy
This site is in memory of my son...Take a journey through the short life of one young man. Original poetry, memories and pictures, lake applets. Helpful links. Add your link.

The Lord's Precious Jewels
This site is dedicated to my precious daughter who suffered from cancer before being taken to heaven and added among The Lord's Precious Jewels{;}

Con's Angels & Bulldog
Memorial and personal site{;}

In Loving Memory of Thomas Camp
Memorial to my wonderful Dad

I needed release from the pain of losing my Mom so I decided to build her a web page. It was a great healer of pain to be able to share my love for her through the net. Somehow I felt it was not only in ...

Donna's Page
A memorial to Donna,who died of ovarian cancer; beloved wife, sister, mother, daughter, friend.

Life As I See It
My Life, My World, My Thoughts,... living with terminal illness. How to survive in spite of everything. Visit my graphics section and my memorial pages to my two sons.

This is the story of our little son, Harry George Cresser, who will always be loved and kept close to our hearts forever.{;}

Friends & Angels
{;}My Site is about True Angel & Spiritual Encounters. New Additions are Memorial Page/Tributes for the Attack On America Victims Sept. 11, 2001. United/Enducommunity Page also Linked to Site.

Remembecommunity Tony
This website was a labor of love, created to validate my son's life, to keep his memory alive and to inform people about mental illness and it's devastating effects.{;}

My Patrick
Memorial to "my patrick", Patrick Henry Flanagan, forever 16 1/2, born Jan. 4, 1976 and died June 29, 1992.

Angel's Place
{;}An angelic site to visit to view angel art, poetry and listen to sosme music.

This is dedicated to my late Husband Steven, who passed away suddenly

In loving memory of our son Robin Svensson
Memorialsite of our son who died only 17 days old in urosepsis

Aussiefools Memorials Site
A site with memorials to our loved ones that have passed before us.

An Angel For David
A special place created just for David.......

Angel Sam in Heaven
This is a tribute to one of God's littlest angels in heaven, five years old, tragic death after a battle with cancer.

Midnite Design
{;}A family site with a variety of pages.

In loving Memory of Glen Arthur Yates
A memorial for my beloved Dad, Glen Arthur Yates.

Angel Shane
A memorial page to a little baby boy, story, angel graphics.

Memorial to my little baby brother whom I miss, a true angel.

Richie's Place
A Memorial to our son, Richard Scott Russell. Family thoughts, pictures, poetry, music, thoughts on holidays, links to grief support and after life.

For Hope
A loving tribute to our angel Hope Christine, who passed away four very short hours after her birth due to anencephaly.

A Bio of my healthy,vibrant Son who had a massive heart attack and was gone instantly...He was 38 years old..

Heather's Memorial Page
This site is dedicated to the memory of those whom I've lost. I will always love them and miss them forever.


Brat Boy
In loving memory of our son Beau, a high school student killed by a drunk {;}driver 2 weeks before graduation. Also updates on court proceedings.

Jamie's Page
Memorial site for my daughter, Jamie{;}

Angel Connection
A site for bereaved parents that offers support, friendship, hope to those on the healing journey.

cimarronhoneys page

My Angel David
A memorial site dedicated to my 13 yr old son who was killed when he was struck by a car. {;}