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This community is for anyone who has lost a love one. We are connected with many people who are going through what you are experiencing now. Our heart goes out to you. God is in control and the deep grief you are feeling now will ease as time goes on. God Bless You.

Scott's Page
A memorial page dedicated to my brother who passed away due to AIDS.

You are Missed
A site made for the memory of my brother who was loved dearly..

The Great Battle Against SIDS
A place to remember my daughter, Chassidy, who passed away in March 2001. SIDS Awareness pins, the living memorial, and many other SIDS awareness sections!

In Memory Of Jason
This is a family memorial for Jason{;}Christopher Dunn who left this life at{;}the age of 22. He is missed more with each passing day.

AnaStasia's Garden of Dreams
Memorial to my grandfather and grandmother, memorial to our child, angel pages, and inspirational poetry

Jeff fought a brave battle with Lung Cancer but lost. He will always be remembered for his readied smile and wonderful sense of humor. He always found the good in people.

Dawn Elizabeth Payson Memorial Page
Page devoted to Dawn Elizabeth Payson, wife of John Payson

Dedicated to Charlie
I dedicate this site to the loving memories of my brother Charles L. Briwn. Charlie was 22 when he drown in the Swannee River on May 31, 2000

Remembecommunity Lucky Dees
Remembecommunity a very beloved family member and friend

Surviving the Loss of a Child
Continues music ministry & outreach of our late daughter; numerous links re: grief recovery, inspirational, spiritual, and youth resources along with organ donation.

Fervent Prayer
This is a community of a group ob believers who have joined together in Fervent Prayer. Where two are more are gathered in His name, there He is. We believe that all things are possible with God. {;}

In Memory of my Angel, Gabriela Lael
In Memory of my daughter Gabriela Lael whom I lost shortly after birth on October 8, 1999 due to Potter's Syndrome. "Some people only dream of Angels, I held one in my arms..."

Missing Austin
Our family tragically lost a two year old last summer to drowning and this site is our way of shacommunity how wonderful he was and how much he is missed and loved.

Welcome To Heaven
In loving memory of Jason Christopher Dunn, who's life cycled way to quickly for this mothers heart...but right on "God's Time"

Sacred Moments
This is a beautiful site that honors God.

The Diary of my Husbands Last Days
Page containing my journal of my husbands heart surgery and his tragic death due to some sort of complication no one has figured out.

Tracy Lynn's Page
This site is the celebration of the life of my only child, and best friend, Tracy Lynn. Tracy Lynn had just turned 18 and graduated from high school when she was killed in an automobile accident.{;}

my angels
God and family{;}

In Loving Memory
Remembecommunity the ones we have loved and lost. {;}

In Loving memory our Sweet Babyangel Michaela
This page belongs to my Sweet Babyangel who stole our hearts and made us believe in angels.

Hope In A World Of Hate
I have a "light a candle" book, My idea about why bad things happen to good people (my mother and two brothers were murdered), Memorial graphics, Awards for you, Angel Globe Adoptions, Stationary, Free ...

How Do I Live Without You
The story of domestic violence and the price a family pays for loving so much

Woodland Echoes
A little bit about all of me *L* In memory of my Mother, in Honor of all that lives .. Native Americans, Wolves, Breast Cancer, Domestic Violence, Family, Friends, USA, and Various Web Groups.

lullabytes & memories
My online journal of survival of life, love, losses & some laughter thru original poetry & prose. Focus on faith, family & friends.{;}

Remembecommunity Jonithan
~In memory of Jonithan Sizemore~{;}