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This site deals with the love of all animals and how we fight for animal rights. They can not speak for themselves, so we must speak up for them. Our pets give so much love to us and ask nothing in return ...

The Lord's Precious Jewels
This site is dedicated to my precious daughter who suffered from cancer before the sweet angel of death came and delivered into the hands of God.{;}

Sandler's Story
Focuses on my interests. Pages devoted to my dog Sandler and his adventures with us. Future pages will include memoriums to dogs that I have lost.{;}

Tea With Friends
The home of Tea With Friends Community. Tea recipes to make your tea party a success. The history of Teas. Links to other tea internet friends.{;}

Love Never Dies
The home page of Love Never Dies community. {;}

Missy's Animal Abuse Page
An entertaining site told from a dogs point of view. Devoted to the prevention of abuse, stopping puppy mills, and the importance of spaying neutecommunity.

Yummy Recipes
This site is full of cooking recipes with a love for good yummy food.{;}

Sacred Moments Of Prayer
This site shows the love of God for all his creations. We believe in the power of prayer, including praying for our animals.{;}

Ratamania, a fun site dedicated to my beautiful pet rats. Packed with photos, many information on cacommunity tips, health information, useful links and much more!

Tea For Two
A peaceful site full of wonderful recipes to make your next tea party a success. Take a few minutes and relax at the site and feel the serenity of afternoon tea.{;}

Audrey's Little Website
Personal page for recipe's, pet pictures and miscellaneous poetry.{;}

Rabbit Rescue Program for Midwest Iowa
This is a foster home for unwanted rabbits. Rabbits may be surrendered here and they will have a home until I find a new responsible owner. Please adopt from animal shelters!

Dachshund Rescue of Maine
Tp help place unwanted Dachshunds in forvere homes and help educate people about Dachshunds.{;}

Idaho Citizens Against Greyhound Entertainment
anti-racing site dedicated to enlightening the world about the abuse and cruelty the racing greyhound must endure for the purpose of "entertaining" the human race

>^..^< To My Kitty Angels >^..^<
This site is a dedication to my kitty angels--this is my memorial for them.

My Little Home
Please come to meet my little friends - chipmunks, hamsters and cockatiel.{;}

Meow City
{;}A Peaceful place that offers many catagories to follow.

My Forever Friend
A memorial website dedicated to my forever cottontail friend Shoo-Fly. The site is also the home of the Forever Friends Candle Memorial Site.{;}

Jack Russell Terrier For Sale
She is for sale for $200.00, She like to Play with Female dogs only. But no Male dogs and, no other Pets, or Children. She is a outside dog, so a fanced yard is required.{;}

Dawn's Place
Welcome to Dawn's Place. This site is all about my 2 wonderful children. The cutest kids you will ever see..lol. I am a stay at home mom and love spending time with my kiddo's. They absolutely keep ...

communitys That I Belong To
This page has my communitys that I belong to. There are also links to my other pages which include, my home page, my pets, pictures, and many others.{;}

The Beer Bytch's Bar
Texas Music, Texas, Texas humor, cowboys, Cowgirls, Irish history, Irish Humor, pet communitys. My pets are my friends, and you can see pictures of them on my friends pictures page.

Animal Communication and Healings by Relying On Joy
{;}Gifted psychic to answers all your questions, healings, communication with animals.

Cat World
{;}An environment by and for Cats! What do they think and will they share this knowledge with humans? Visit Cat World and learn the secrets the Feline Society might be willing to share with you! We do ...

Let's Take A Peek- Into Animals and Their Rights!
This is a little site with mostly my pet pictures and it has ways YOU can help to stop animal abuse. Once I find links to take action I post them so you can also HELP to save more animals lives. I also ...

KloudNine Shetland Sheepdogs
Our small Hobby kennel in Southern Ky to raise and Show Shetland Sheepdogs aka Shelties{;}

Here is the House
I've had so many different kinds of pets from a dog and cats to hamsters, a turtle, iguana and a rat. However, if I had to choose, my favourite pet to own would be a hamster.{;}

Meet My Pets
This site is all about my pets with some{;}great resource links!!{;}

Avivim Standard Pooodles
Avivim standard poodles is not a kennel. We breed only once in about 2 years. All are brown or have a brown gene. We have champions from each litter. All dogs are tested. We LOVE standard poodles !! ...

Tags of Luck - Pet ID Tags - Stainless Steel, Brass, Anodized Aluminum, Plastic
Pet Tags in variety of materials, shapes, sizes and colors for your beloved pet

My Dog Rebel
A site about my 7 week old Rat terrier mix pup anmed Rebel. With pictures, links, communitys, and more!

Tashi Deleh & In Memory of Calidad
In memory of Calidad, who died June 10, 2007 at 15 yrs old. And for my other darling, Tashi Deleh, which is Tibetan for Good Luck. Tashi is Lhasa Apso mix, who was rescued at almost 4, but now I am almost ...

Puppy Mills 'NO'
Puppy Mills 'NO' is exactly that. We are pet owners who are outraged by Puppy Mills. We hope to provide information,links, and resources for new pet owners. The 'Where's and the 'Why's' of purchasing a ...

Rainbow Lakes AKC Kennels
Rainbow Lakes AKC Kennels... Home of the White Shepherds White Fang von der Shultz and Princess Sierra VI...{;}

Feline Frisky
Welcome to Feline Frisky a great cat lover site ! We have alot to offer you besides free memberships. We have cat animations, cat ecard links, multiple msg bds for easy look'g, even stuff on the broadway ...

The Pet Palace
{;}{;}Has your pet been feeling kind of down in the dumps??? Then open up his life with a career in modelling!!! (grin) Please visit our site and see how much fun you can have profiling your pets on the ...

{;}This site is dedicated to all three Pinscher breeds.

sad story
How could you!..Is a story about a older dog that is no longer needed by her beloved master.{;}

Angel Animal Rescue and The Rescue Roster
This is the web home of the Angel Animal Rescue group from Middletown, Ohio. Middletown is located in the southwestern corner between Cincinnati and Dayton. We have many animals needing homes.

Labs and Friends
A discussion group where people share a love of the Labrador Retriever and animals in general. We share photos, stories, support, training tips, etc

Country Inn Boarding Kennel
Country comfort in boarding cats & dogs. Indoor/Outdoor runs. Give your pet a vacation in the country.{;}

Shirley Thinks
Eclectic site with something for almost everyone.My thoughts on many subjects.Laughter mixed with tears.{;}

Children's Author Haemi Balgassi
Homepage of Haemi Balgassi, author of books and stories for children and young adults. Features the virtual kitty condo of one of the Balgassi family's cats.{;}

Precious Babies
Here you will find stories, poems, information and much more. Stop by and meet my "Precious Baby" Dusty.{;}

Jake's Page
{;}Jake's page has awards, links, communitys and a award you can win.

Abbi & Splashs Dog House
The love of our dogs Abbi and Splash{;}the best English Spcommunityer Spaniels{;}

~*~ By Angel Smile Net ~*~
{;}~*~By Angel Smile Net~*~ - is the inspicommunity site for people of different ages and cultures. {;}This is the starting point for several web realms created by me. {;}My Designs features my linkware ...

My Dog Salsa
All about my dog Salsa. Her photo's, her story, great dog books, and links.{;}Also, has awards, communitys and adoptables.{;}

Rainbow Bridge East
This is a pet loss memorial site dedicated to all the beautiful bridge babies who have gone on before us. The site was inspired by and dedicated to my beloved soulmate, KayDee's Brandi Bear{;}

In Memory of Samantha
This page is dedicated to my little angel Samantha {;}