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This community is dedicated to animal rights. We will do all we can to stop animal cruelty and abuse. We are also against puppy mill breeders who cage their animals and breed them everytime just for profit. This community will also supply information on defferent petitions to prosecute the criminals for animal abuse. This is a community that loves their animals and these little creatures have placed their paw prints on our heart.

Pets Are People Too!
Tribute to my 3 mixed-breed rescued dogs, and to dogs everywhere!

Cassandras Fun Page of Fun!
My life as I venture into the post-college world. Learn about my goals, my pets, and my dream of one day attending the eatm program in Moorpark, California!

Lady Vipers Haven
My site is family oriented but i have a section that is dedicated to abuse both in animals and children. I believe it is time to put an end to all abuse.{;}

Theodore, Winston, Fritz, and Cosmo
{;}Theodore, Winston, Fritz, and Cosmo.{;}Pictures, fun, events, and alot more.

Calypso's Page
A site dedicated to my Calypso, aka Callie. She's the typical doberman, always making life interesting.

Three Cool Cats Page
This site is created and maintained by three cool cats - Caesar, Chicklet and Charlie. We invite you to stop by and make yourself at home; read our stories, and see our CUTE pictures! There's also a tribute ...

Tote'em For The Animals, Inc.
This is a tax exempt, non-profit organization which helps people with low income get their animals spayed or neutered and helps elderly and disabled adopt a pet by paying all initial costs. Funds are raised ...

Pet Abuse News Flash
{;}Trying our best to stop animal cruelty.{;}Read all about one of the most horrible cases in American history.

It's a Dog's World
{;}This site belongs to my MinPin "Teddy" who also has a community of his own. All about him, his breed and links

A website devoted to the memories of Tex, my wonderful Golden Retriever, and Teddy, my most lovable Lhasa Apso....{;}

Six Dog Studio
Artist Patricia Walter presents her original poetry & art at the Six Dog Studio Gallery.

Mums' Rescue Feature
Monthly stories featucommunity animals that have been rescued and given forever homes. Read the stories, post your rescue link and submit your stories.

The Dangers of Pesticides and Animal Abuse
{;}{;}My personal story of animal abuse caused by the misuse of poisonous pesticides. Similar stories, too.

Jessie's Paw
Jesie's Paw is the story of my adopted Border Collie-Jessie, who was unwanted{;}by his previous owner..Jessie was 6 months old when he became part of our family in September 2000... {;}

The Laughing Chow
We love our pets. Visit our site to meet Ben and Zackary and hear the "good chow" stories. We have had Chows over 20 years-they are loyal, intelligent pet friends that enrich our lives. Chow Chow links ...

Magic Unicorns http://www.magicunicorns.us
Hi my name is Howard of Howard's Unicorn Page the URL: is http://www.geocities.com/2howard/index.html My page is of unicorns,awards,fune I have Community's and I rune Howard's Web Sports at http://www.angelfire.com/ga4/howardsvoting/join_us.html ...

Brandi And Casey Bears Park
This is a lovely site that honors all God's little critters. We will always remember our pets and how very much they became a part of our lives.

Zander and Fergus's Homepage
All about Zander and Fergus, two gorgeous Netherland Dwarf rabbits, including their most cute photos.

Site about wolfs and i also have a Messageboard and Guestbook a view adoped pets and a lot of interesting info on Wolfs.

Puddy Tat and Tigger Too
This site offers everything for the cat lover. We have cat stories, cat poems, cat photos, cat background graphics, health tips, animal welfare and anti-cruelty pages, and much more all about cats

A site dedicated to animal rights and animal welfare issues. It is easy to navigate and expanding quickly!

D's Place
There is much to see when you stop in at D's Place. Pictures of my pets, family, our house. Poems & stories, quotes. Lake & snow applets, much more so come and visit. Of course there are awards to apply ...

Tisha's Boop Site
My site is about the things I love and find touching to the heart and soul. Poetry, Animals, Betty Boop, and much more.

Scandiadream's World
A page about my dog, Chili, and my canine friend in heaven, Pitito. {;}

Paw Prints On The Heart
This community is dedicated to animal rights. We will do all we can to stop animal cruelty and abuse. We are also against puppy mill breeders who cage their animals and breed them everytime just for profit. ...