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For people who use their blogs to share their thoughts and feelings on a daily basis, to try to be happy in life, and to try to make others happy as often as possible, because this can be a wonderful life :o) xx

Ursula's Not So Secret History
The inner thoughts of a 30-something single gal living in Chicago, Illinois.

this little life of mine
Welcome to this little life of mine.

Bev's CrazyWorld
About the crazy world I live in.{;}

An (almost) Daily Collection of Randomness
This is a Blog created by a terminally bored office worker! Its a hard one to define, but perhaps I could say its a skimming of the froth from the top of my conciousness!? Or something equally cryptic! ...

Sasoozie's Secrets
A semi daily diary of my life, it's ups and downs.{;}

The Enigmatic Musings of a Cynical Mind
The random, wry, ascerbic,cynical and sometimes humorous thoughts,ideas, and odservations of a man trapped in a world he did not make.{;}

Interrace Haven
Interracial Blog, couples gallery, biracial and multiracial kids gallery, links and resources, guestbook, tag-board. Family-friendly, NOT a dating site! {;}{;}

The Weirdest Ones...
My random, fun, and weird life. Comes with everything you see here, including free, yummy quotes of the week.

Random Chat Chick
I am a 30 something sexy wife, mother of 2, professional, and hobby enthusiast who enjoys blogging about anything from the truly mundane to life in the bedroom.

The Left Wing Conservative
This is an Internet Only Radio & TV show for the average Pat. Advocating for the vast majority of us who, contrary to the beliefs of the Republican Party, DO NOT own our own home and/or business and MUST ...