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A community dedicated to Honda's Trail and Dirtbikes. Mainly focused on the 4 stroke XR Range.

XR trips to Morocco, Corsica, Peru
Some adventure trips to foreign countries I have done on my{;}XR600 with friends.

Dedicated to the one of the most extreme sports on the planet. We have a photo gallery (including big air pics) and comment sections on riding and great riding destinations. Have your say!!

Honda Dual Sport Motorcycles
This site is a log of my XR motorcycle tips, tricks & trips in Southern California

justxr.com is a site dedicated to trail and dirtbikes. Primarily Honda's 4 Stroke XR range. With setups, hints, tips, stories, mailing list, community, and much more.

ez2endo's world
ez2endo's world with stories, hints and tips and more

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Honda is an engine manufacturing company, founded by Soichiro Honda, a mechanic from Japan. After working for another engine manufacturing company, Honda came up with a new engine design, which he tried to sell to Toyota. Honda soon became an engine supplier to Toyota. After the second world war, Japan was a wreck and short on resources, so honda set out to create a simple affordable mode of transport. Honda attached one of his engines to a bicycle and not long after was producing motorcycles and cars around the world. Since the 1970’s, Honda has been the biggest motorcycle manufacturer in the world, with manufacturing facilities across the planet. Honda, through a clever marketing campaign, managed to conquer the stereotype that all motorcycle riders were big scary thugs and convicts. In the nineteen sixties, more than a decade after the honda company was founded, honda began designing pickup trucks and automobiles as well. Though honda cars did well in Japan, they were not as successful in the united states at first. Part of the reason for this was that honda cars in Japan were very small, something that American consumers didn’t like. When Honda began producing slightly larger cars that were more affordable than American-made cars of the time, Honda managed to carve out its own place in the American car market. Today, honda is still a very popular in north America for both cars and motorcycles.

Honda Motorcycles

Though Honda makes cars, robots, planes, scooters, trucks, and all sorts of other things, it is best known for its motorcycles. Honda Racing is a company that develops and races honda motorcycles. Soichiro Honda was very involved in motorcycle racing himself. His honda motorcycles were known for their unique engine designs and sleek frames. Motorcycle racers really began to take notice of the honda racing motorcycles when honda’s motorcycles began winning motorcycle races. If you’ve ever played motorcycle racing video games, you’ve probably seen a few of the honda xr series motorcycles. Some motorcycle racers modify their motorcycles to make them faster or more powerful. Honda also has an amazing motocross team, with some of the best motocross drivers in the world. Today, there’s a lot of controversy and speculation about why the honda motorcycle company was so successful in the united states and how it managed to out compete British and American motorcycle makers. Some experts think that honda was so successful because they were in tune with the public’s interests and continuously altered their product according to consumers’ interests. Others think that Honda had a long-term strategy in place to beat down all other motorcycle manufacturers and take over the motorcycle market in the United States. The honda company says that their company just has excellent management and leadership and has simply managed to give consumers what they want. Whatever the case, honda is certainly doing something right. Today, motocross racing is a popular sport among people young and old. Luckily for motorcycle racing enthusiasts, honda make a lot of affordable off road motorcycles, such as its rx motorcycle series, which include the honda xr250, the honda xr400, the honda xr600, and the honda xr650.

Honda XR Series

The honda xr series is a line of off road motorcycles made by honda. Today, only 2 of ten models remain, as honda is slowly replacing its rx series with its crf motorcycles. The honds crf models are actually not that different from the honda rx series, except in their finishes. The crf series has a new look that’s sleeker and more up to date than the honda rx series. The honda xr series includes many different models – here’s a brief overview of some of honda’s more popular xr motorcycles, including the honda xr250, the honda xr400, the honda xr600, and the honda xr650.


The honda xr250, also called the honda xr250r, was popular model because of its reliability and toughness. Though this off road motorcycle model was popular for many years, it was discontinued and replaced by the new crf250 model.


Similarly, honda has replaced its xr400 model with a similar crf250 model. The honda xr400 was a very popular racing bike, used by many motorcycle racers. Motorcycle racers extensively modified their xr400 motorcycles. The xr400 motorcycle differed from the xr250 motorcycle in that it was so powerful with a relatively light frame.


The xr600 and the xr650 have not yet been discontinued by honda and have become very popular desert racing bikes. The honda xr600 has performed especially well in the baja 1000 off road races in Mexico. Some of the world’s greatest off road motorcyclists have rode the xr600 to victory at the Baja motorcycle races. This motorcycle race takes place every year in the autumn and usually follows the same course each year, more or less.


The xr650 is easily the best desert-racing bike around. It has won all of its desert racing competitions and is a different bike altogether from the earlier xr600. If you’re thinking of buying an xr650, you’ll have to decide on more than just the colour. The type of honda xr you buy will depend on your weight and height. The honda xr650 is notably bigger and heavier than the other honda xr bikes, which you’ll need to take into consideration when buying a honda xr series motorcycle. If you’re a motorcycle racer and you compete in a lot of off road desert motorcycle competitions, you would be wise to buy a honda xr650 because it has yet to lose an off road desert motorcycle race. It’s also really fast.