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Click Member link to see site in tvA Foothill Home Companion
Family of four in the foothills of Northern California attempting to grow and foster a love for learning, growing, creating and living.

Our Greener Pastures
We are the Genants, living, loving, and laughing on our 12 acre property in the foothills of Western North Carolina. This blog is dedicated to our mini-farm, our animals, our environmental efforts and ...

Life Without School
Thoughts from an unschooling mom attempting to raise three kids with compassion and respect.

Walnut Spinney
Striving for self-sufficiency in a modern world, we\'re a family of 3 with space for gardening (veg, fruit and flowers), a few chickens, sheep and guardian llama along with cats, dog, fish, and ants -- ...

Challenging Destiny
The adventures and musings of a single mom with 2 grade school age kids buying land, building their own house by hand, and living off the grid.

Climbing the Faraway Tree

pile of omelays
The past year we have lived in rural Missouri transplanted from San Francisco. After recovecommunity from culture shock and propping up our dilapidated house we set out to consciously live leaving as little ...

Life on the Farm
Mostly the musings of the mom of an unschooling subsistence farm family in the Southern Appalachian Mountains

Unschooling, Knitting, Spinning, Playing, Homesteading, Learning, Living.

Growing Up Without Schooling
This is my family's journey through life. Loving, Learning, and just Living.

Crunchy Christian Mom
I'm a crunchy, Christian, unschooling mom to three young boys, learning to make the most of our urban homestead with our garden and new chickens.

Circle the World In Big
Daily-life blog of an unschooling family living the urban life, doing our part to increase our sustainable living.

Doc's Sunrise Rants
This is in addition to Doc's original Sunrise Rants, not a replacement.

The Jara Gazette
Daily events of Minnesota Unschooling family on their way to homesteading.

Circus Life
Living a dream. Learning together.

Beautiful Each Day
A blog about the beautiful that appears to us each day, if we just open our eyes.

Perry Hill Farm
Come visit our farm and follow our journey of unschooling and farming.

Perry Hill Farm
A blog site about the happenings from my perspective at Perry hill Farm.

The Purloined Letter
Quoth the Raven, "Think Some More!"

River Crossing Homeschool
A family of five learns about farm living together.

Life Without School
We're a family of 4 living in British Columbia, Canada and trying to live Simply and Sustainably. We follow an unschooling approach with our two homeschooled children, and love the freedom it bcommunitys ...

My Total Perspective Vortex
We are radical unschoolers who are in the process of moving to a 40 acre farm in southern Iowa.

Children in the Corn
We are an unschooling family of 4. We raise 80% of our food in our large gardens and small orchard. We also raise heritage breed chickens, turkeys and ducks for meat and eggs. Mostly musings from mom on ...

Deliberate Life
An unschooling family in BC working towards self-reliance, natural family living, living close to the land, and having fun.

Holy Cow is PolyKow
The adventures of an unschooling family in a dairy farm.

Unschoolers, Libertarians, and aspicommunity Urban Homesteaders; just trying to live "natural, happy and free". This blog tends to reflect all of that and then some.

Living Our Own Lives
this blog details our children's passion led learning adventures, our adventures as a family in urban homesteading, & our passion as a family to live in peace with each other and the world around us

A Day in the Life
We are an unschooling family trying to live a simple life. We started a small garden last year and got 8 chickens in April. We hope to add Alpacas next year. This is a Blog about our day to day lives ...

Primal Home in the City
An Australian family advocating sustainable living, attachment parenting, homebirth, natural learning, feminism, and social justice. When many people hear the word "primal" it conjures up caveman-esque ...

Barefoot Gypsy Blog
Barefoot Gypsy Blog is about life at The Burrow, a tiny homestead in the forest. We're a mother and son, with Nubian goats, poultry, rabbit, dogs and lots of cats. I'm a single mom, herbalist, artist and ...

i am an urban homesteadin' mama living in san francisco. although my daughter is an infant, we are already on the road to unschooling. terrallectualism is a phrase i coined to describe my way of expressing ...

Starting from Seeds
I write about mothering, homesteading, canning, gardening, baking, housewifing, poetry, music, unschooling, things I love, dairying, sewing and knitting. Hello! My name is Tabitha. I am a wife and mother ...

Vikki's Verandah
I have unschooled my now 13-year-old son since he was tossed out of Kindergarten (I refused to medicate him). Now we have increased our family (recently married) and moved out to the boonies where I not ...