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Homesteadin' Unschoolers Blog Community bcommunitys together unschoolers striving for a more sustainable lifestyle. Whether you're living and working on 100 rural acres or a quarter acre urban homestead, whether just getting started, old hat or still dreaming, join us to celebrate our connection with the land.

Ironwood Farm Project
We call it a project because there are lots of things going on here. We are a family of four living semi-rurally in our owner-built off-grid straw bale home, attachment parenting, unschooling, farming ...

A Life Full of Love, Laughter, Learning & Lots of Ice Cream!
Join us on our unschooling journey as we venture through life with our 3 little men, our many animals and our zest for quests!

Blooming Fields
An urban mountain mama, writer, artist, east coast refugee, and wanderer. We aspire to live simply and work hard so that we can have more time everyday to enjoy the world that we live in. We are counting ...

Home away from home

It blows here.
Blog detailing my adventures in living a more sustainable life - milking, gardening, raising animals, and other fun stuff. As an unschooler, my children are often along for the ride.

The Crafty Celtic Housewife
This is my blog to chat about quilting, family and all things homesteading and unschooling!

Adventures in Farming
Here are thoughts and experiences I gather along the way as my family and I attempt to farm on our 5.25 acre property in western Maryland.

Doc's Sunrise Rants
1 mom, triplet teens, offgrid, cranky, established certified organic dairy, poultry, meat, veggies, berries, fruit, spinner, unschooler, crazy people.

My personal, random journaling about our life as farmers and unschoolers.

Blue Skies Urban Farm
Writings about our move toward sustainable living: the things we're doing, things I want to do, reading I'm doing, thoughts I'm thinking, and all those bad consumerist habits I need to kick.

Touch the Earth Farm
Part farm journal, part spiritual journey, Touch the Earth Farm blog chronicles one family's adventure of living with the land.

Triskeles Farm
Our family farm and homestead is located on 50 acres of land in the East Mountains located between Tijeras and Edgewood which is east of Albuquerque, New Mexico. About 30 acres (15 on the east end & 15 ...

At Home on Hill Haven
Musings, ramblings, pontifications on motherhood, unschooling, farming, sustainability, spirit, and life in general, at our home we call Hill Haven.

Free Range Living
Musings on food, urban homesteading, unschooling, sustainability, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

LIve Free In Harmony
We are unschoolers and love *Just Living Life*. My passions are Family, Nature, Animals, and Art . I call life on our farm a Joyful Journey, an ongoing process with always more to do, see, discover and ...

Home is ...
"Home is ..." consists of the ramblings of an at-home Mom - work-at-home, homeschool, homebirth, homestead - living on a quarter acre in a resort town in southern coastal Maine.

Survive the Experience
In which a knight, a fairy and a chicken obsessed toddler help their parents homestead and are unschooled.

Two Small Birds
Ramblings of a co-sleeping, free learning, unschooling mama who loves gardening, painting, photography, reading, writing, cooking and singing.

Thane's Neck Farm
Our family is transitioning to a more "organic" lifestyle. We have a small 14 acre farm in North Carolina where we garden, lovingly raise a variety of livestock and our wonderful children.

something that won't compute
We are a family of three living and learning on 2.75 acres in central Alabama, where we raise chickens and dairy goats and tend our kitchen garden. Our goal is to live simply, sustainably, and joyfully ...

Farm Dreams
We are an unschooling family of 3. We have a 7 year old son. We currently live in the suburbs in Delaware, but plan to move in the next year to a small farm. We are interested in growing more of our food, ...

Go Barefoot
We are an unschooling family of four living in Queensland, Australia. Although we are only on 1.5 acres, I grow a lot of our own vegetables and we have planted a lot of fruit trees. We have chickens, ...

Living Alaska- an unschooing journey
Celebrating the unschooling journey of two boys living on the outer coast of Southeast Alaska. Off-grid, tiny home, big trees, lots 'o rain, love and laughs.

Aware Living
Open your heart and let's go... Are you ready to explore the miracles of daily life? Learn about unschooling, raw food and natural living in an "unnatural" world! Come with us...and help to build a global ...

Po Moyemu--
Po Moyemu simply means "in my opinion," in Russian. And that's what you're going to find here. :) Read at your own risk. I'm a stay-at-home (or really more out-and-about) mom who homeschools her children, ...