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a blog about living a simple living here on the farm. Gardening, sewing, preserving, cooking, living simple, homesteading and the animals that share home with us.

Spellcast Border Collies
This on-line journal chronicals my experiences in raising grass-fed sheep and goats, vegetables and Border Collies, all naturally.

I am a mom of four, some grown, some still at home, working to create a more sustainable lifestyle in the city.

The Walden Effect
At the beginning of year three on the farm, we started this blog to document our journey into self-sufficient homesteading and voluntary simplicity.

The Crafty Celtic Housewife
This is my site to blog about homesteading, quilting, knitting, cooking, kids, homeschooling and life on the homestead.

Global Homestead
Left the urban life for the mountain village life. Unschooler, homesteader, bohemian, kitchen herbalist, intuitive mother.

We're small-town couple learning about home food raising, alternative energy, etc. while still dealing with the everyday hassles of jobs, home renovations, and relationships. We're nowhere near self-sufficient, ...

Little farm in the city
We are a family of four living in Toowoomba Q. We live in a tiny 2 bedroom home, with a huge (almost) 1/2 acre block. We have been working our way to become self suficent in fresh food now for 5 years ...

Shekinah's Home
Shekinah's Home is associated with Yizreel's Garden and Shekinah Mercantile. I post news in regard to Israel, global, information on living green, offgrid, survival, gluten free and then some.

Home On The Stead
Our Journey towards a more sustainable life.

Sulphitic Life
Me as I learn about and try to apply what I learn to a sustainable life in a sub-rural plot of land on the edge of my families homestead.

Learning to homestead/ become self sufficient
Learning how to become self reliant in sub rural South Carolina

Prosperine Goat Hill
Snippets about our life we love on a small farm.

The Suburban Plot
I'm a stranger in a very strange land, and together, my husband and I are turning a neglected suburban plot of land into a fruitful & nourishing place to call home. Stick around and see what we do with ...

Red State Green
Conservation is conservative!

Magic Cabin in the Woods: Off-grid in Alaska
A blog about two humans and their little dog homesteading in remote Alaska.

Granola Gurl
A brand new blog where I'll be writing about living greener and organic gardening.

The Life of a Prairie Mom
A look into the life of a homesteading family. Once living in a city, we now are working towards the goal of living a simple and plain lifestyle of self-reliance. I share information about doing things ...

The Smallest Smallholding
The trials, tribulations and successes of a 20-something would-be smallholder, her hens, cats and rabbits. Attempting to 'do a Tom and Barbara' and live the Good Life, working towards a more self-sufficient ...

Lessons On The Farm
Life and Lessons on our farm: homeschooling, couponing, livestock, good deal alerts, product recalls, art projects, wildlife, product opinions and just about anything else that happens in our daily li ...

Preparedness-Survival and Voice of the Constitutional Republic (VOCR)
Preparedness and survival ------ where the other forums leave off! No touchy-feely community here, just serious people who want the tools to keep living and to be self-reliant. Subjects covered are: ...

The Cobb News and Times
A blog containing info on me starting a homestead, crafts, home cooking, and Family Life.

hippy chick's adventure to sustainable happiness
life of a girl, two boy cats, three lady chickens and meatie chickens who come and go making efforts to live simple. growing veggies, fruit & flowers, saving rain from the sky & celebrating the wonder ...

My Daily Round
I'm a Catholic mom of 5: ds12, ds5, ds3, dd2, and ds 8.5 months. We live in the suburbs of Philadelphia. My interests: organic gardening, Catholic and Montessori education, photography, handwork, green ...

folkways, nature-ways, heirlooms, vernacular architecture, country living, simplicity and other considerations

Rocky Mountain High
This blog details a teenager's quest for the good life as she comes of age in the Rocky Mountains. The teenager being me. This is my beginning of a journey to one day be a homesteader. I expect plenty ...

A Smallholder's Diary
Blog about living as a smallholder, including growing organic vegetables, keeping chickens and other attempts at being as self-sufficient as possible.

Island Farm
A working permaculture farm in the Caribbean. We are seeking to grow and enjoy our life in the rainforest and helping others with edible landscaping, reforestation projects and healthy eating. From daily ...

Simply Beck's Bounty
Family adventures with gardening, chickens, food preservation, organic, heirloom seeds, and more.

Hidden Creek Homestead
We are a Christian homesteading, homeschooling family...longing to be OFF GRID. We live as S.I.M.P.L.E. as we can. We just love livin' life on our 32 acre homestead! We are currently raising Reg. Nubian ...

folkways notebook
Observing local and regional folkways through cultural remnants, vernacular architecture and mother earth's activities.

molly's midnight musings
Happily married Stay @ home mommy of two. A do it myselfer, trying to live a healthier, simpler, greener, and self sustaning lifestyle.

Texas Homesteader: Leading a More Self-Sufficient Life
This blog is dedicated to leading a more self-sufficient life in the 21st century. Articles will cover a variety of topics from homesteading, gardening, homeschooling, milking goats, and food allerg ...

Green Mountains Homesteading
A journey into the Vermont country livin' and explocommunity the attitudes that got us there...

The Rural Independent
A community centered site for those who are seeking or already engaged in living a rural independent lifestyle. Topics cover a wide range of subjects including: gardening, homesteading, straw bale construction, ...

Homesteading Hickory Hills
Describing our journey, with its ups and downs, on a self-built homestead on 75 acres in the Ozarks woods. Organic gardening, hogs, chickens, thrift, tinkecommunity, and who knows what else. :)

Backyard Homesteading
One Woman's Adventures in Wannabe Self-Reliance

New Mama Hubbard
organically-minded poverty survival guide

Our Homestead
An irreverent and entertaining look at the life of an emerging homesteader, rural biographer, and wheat-free chef.

Country Oaks Homestead
Come visit my wee homestead and watch how crazy I can make my husband. It oughta be fun.

Get Back to the Country
Join in the journey as a former farm boy, many years removed from his country roots, travels back to the country life. Covecommunity various aspects of the "country life", Get Back to the Country will ...

Eastern Missouri Homesteading: My attemps at sustainable living
Homesteading, raising livestock, gardening, canning, living the country lifestyle just outside of a small town in Eastern Missouri.

5 Acres & A Dream
My journal of returning to a simpler, sustainable, more self-sufficient lifestyle.

Ozark Mountain Blog
First year farming, gardening, canning, frugal living, and mommy blog.

Homesteading In Maine
A journal of our homesteading life, living off the grid, raising food and all the craziness in between.

Cottage Homestead
A blog dedicated to the beginnings of self sufficieny and life in a cottage homestead with three littles.

Home Grown
I married a Geek I met on the 'net and then we bought a farm.

Family Microfarm
Living and growing food on half an acre.

One country boy and three city girl's journey into self sufficiency and semi, off the grid activities in a rural but want-to-be-suburan community.

An Austin Homestead
A blog about my country living in city life. Updates, recipes, crafts, cheese, chickens, and front lawn vegetables. Documentation, troubleshooting, and suggestions.