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Click Member link to see site in tvLiving Alaska
Our radical unschooling journey on the rocky outer coast of SE Alaska. An off-grid, organic & simple life is what we strive for...and don't always achieve :)

Sarah's Homestead Blog
Dedicated to the ramblings of a girl on a small farm in the woods of Oregon.

Journey to Simplicity
The ramblings of a woman on a journey to simplicity.

Two Small Birds
Ramblings of a co-sleeping, free learning, unschooling mama who loves gardening, painting, photography, reading, writing, cooking, canning and singing. I live on a 93 acre farm in rural Maine with my husband ...

Tangled Threads
This blog is about our life and my fiber (Fabric/yarn/paper)creations. We live on 3.27 acres with two Donkies, Mutt and Shaggy and a Lab named Baxter. We love gardening and DO It yourself projects. We ...

Chickens, Horses, Dogs, Cats, Organic Gardening..My rural life, living by way of nature, like I love to live....

Lichenology is an attempt to capture some of the questions and challenges of moving to a rural property and building a more sustainable and simple life. We are in the midst of building earthen homes, starting ...

The Quince urban homestead
Urban Family trying to reduce the carbon impact of the human race by doing our part. We are turning our urban plot into a sustainable venture that will provide us with food, nourishment, and many adventures ...

Blogh an Seanchai
Snapshots of life in modern rural Ireland. Seanchai is an Irish Gaelic word, to describe old guys who sat by the fire in the evening and told stories that meandered between fact and fantasy. Blogh is the ...

visualize industrial collapse
accounts of starting a small farm and growing/raising my own food

Love Country Living
A simplier life. Made in the USA. Ramblings from a Country family and the country life. Crafts, Work from home and more...

Pioneecommunity on the home front
Greetings from the North Island of New Zealand, and welcome to Pioneecommunity on the home front. pioneecommunity |ˌpīəˈniri ng | adjective involving new ideas or methods This ...

The Crafty Celtic Housewife
This is my site to record my day to day musings on my life, my quilting and my goal to live a homesteading life with my family.

Nexus Farm & Alpacas
The good, the bad and the ugly of daily life with a family of budding homesteaders and alpaca owners. Join us as we learn to live a more self-sufficient life.

Brambleberry Blog
Occasional ramblings, philosophy, and daily news from the farm in Southwest Virginia.

A personal blog against consumerism and clutter, my struggle to become truly sustainable, and my battle against unnecessary stuff. I'm learning (slowly) to become self-reliant and independent. It's ...

Crunchy Chicken
Urban homesteading in the heart of Seattle. Follow my mishaps as I subject my family to the unusual in trying to live sustainably.

Heart Rock Garden
A long-time frugal gardener and first-time property owner hoping to learn, share and explore the joys of homesteading.

Heritage of Homesteading
Ever wonder how the pioneers made it with none of the extras we have today? Come join us to learn how, what when and where of the Heritage of Homesteading. Its just like having Great-grandma only a click ...

Lost on Dragonfly Farm
Living out in the middle of nothing SC Enjoying the quiet the animals and all the slow paced life has to offer.

Farm Dreams
We are an unschooling family of 3. We have a 7 year old son. We currently live in the suburbs in Delaware, but plan to move in the next year to a small farm. We are interested in growing more of our ...

plan be
self-sufficieny, permaculture design, sustainable living and Earth-centred community in South Africa, as we start down the slopes of peak-oil powerdown

Applegarth Gardens
My journal about life in the vegetable garden, the fruit orchard, sustainable living, and cooking. Plus thoughts on making money, and raising children. Pursuing the good life on 10 acres in Northwest ...

Lizzies HOMEworld
One womans mostly enjoyable journey towards a more fulfilling lifestyle centered, but not exclusively, on the home

The Bamboo Jungle
A homestead run by a wonderful older couple. Deb has a rare plant nursery and Db has a classic car restoration on their homestead. Keep track of their busy daily lives including their many critters.

Going To The Country
This site is a documentation of all we learn on our journey to become sustainable, profitable, small farmers. We will also throw in our opinions about this modern life too.

Carpe Diem Acreage
The chronicle of our move to rural living. We are building green and trying to improve our lifestyle by living greener and healthier.

Touch the Earth Farm
We are a family of five: myself, my husband and our three children, ages 9, 8 and 6, living in the Northwestern Mountain Region of Maryland. Our land is home to many creatures, and our goals are to restore ...

woodys rocky ridge
making an attempt to change the way we live, work and eat and do it at a lower cost on our wallet, backs and environment.

Green Surviving
This is a blog about our adventure of learning and living the green life in a rural area.

Ironwood Farm Project
We call it a project because there are lots of things going on here. We are a family of four living semi-rurally in our owner-built off-grid straw bale home, attachment parenting, unschooling, farming ...

Stories and articles from this and the other side of motherhood. This side: childbirth and reacommunity, considecommunity (un)schooling, play and language development, etc. The other side: dreams of homesteading, ...

Prairie Roots Blog
Practicing permanence on the great plains of South Dakota. Growing roots--literal and metaphorical--into rural lakeside soil. Of particular interest: sustainability, theology, organic gardening, local ...

My Green Dream
Single mother and her young daughter (temporarily) displaced from rural to more urban life. Raising chickens, organic gardening and working to reclaim our preferred simple, green life in the country.

down to earth
Living Simply in a complex world

From My Homestead
A blog for shacommunity and appreciating those things bound by the common thread of simple, natural & sustainable rural living.

Mud on the Tracks
In which your typical suburban family with rural aspirations makes it happen. A warts-and-all description of our go at sustainable living, shepherding, and parenting three young children, all while holding ...

Daily Mind Wanders
This is a blog of my daily thoughts. I talk in most part about being a single mom and how I have been affected in my life. I give my opinions on things that just pop in my head that day. I speak of general ...

Howling Hill
A mobile home on an acre, circled by pines in New Hampshire. We call it Howling Hill.

Ojos Verde
This site is on community gardens, self sustaining farms, and natural dye gardening

Captucommunity Today
Thoughts on making the most of today and memories for tomorrow by a wife and homeschooling mom to 3 little girls. Join us as we work to reduce, simplify and live a more low impact lifestyle.

Tales from Creekistan
Amy the Black is a thirty-something who used to work full time, but now stays at home trying to raise her two kids and her husband. In 2005, she moved her family from an urban apartment to a rural house ...

pile of omelays
herein we document our plans to live the quiet life

Raising the Tribe
A family of five trying to eat local, grow our own and get back to basics while working and raising kids.

County Couture
Tales of a \"countrypolitan\" family who left their McMansion in the city to raise three kids on a 20-acre farm.

Blue Hill Smells Like Cow Poo
A thin slice of uninsulated rural paradise. Useful information and thoughts on rural stuff, like homesteading, pets, historic home renovation, married life, gardening, wood stoves, etc. My husband and ...

Poor Richard's Almanac
Wit, wisdom and practical advice on life, chickens, and other important matters. Includes garden-fresh recipes, homestead observations, and just about everything else from our friend Ben and his cohorts ...

Towards Sustainability
A mother of three living in suburban Australia, trying to simplify and live a more sustainable life.

Thane's Neck Farm
Thane’s Neck Farm is a small family farm whose inhabitants are trying to live the quiet life as self-sustainably as they can. The animal menagerie is raised for food, fiber and companionship. Organically ...

Cross Roads
An Aussie wife & mum of two teens looking for a more natural, sustainable, ethical lifestyle. Happiest in her garden, trying to eat home grown or local and trying to reduce the family footprint on our ...