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We believe the home should be the center of all of life. Here you can visit our happy little acre, where we homeschool our 5 children and where we believe in love of God, simplicity of life, sense of humor, ...

What Did You Do in School Today?
An (almost) daily journal of my homeschooling journey with my two girls using a Waldorf-inspired path. Lots of pictures of our work, and hopefully lots of inspicommunity reading!

Ragamuffin Studies
Ragamuffin studies is the blog of a classical-Jewish homeschooling mom. It has reflections of our homeschooling experience as well as commentary on other areas of interest in our lives.

A family blog about the ins and outs or our days/

MamaBugs' Mt View Chistian Academy
We are a Christian, military family with 3 daughters. Our oldest two have graduated from our homeschool and gone on to college. We are currently homeschooling our third daughter and she is now a sophomore ...

Keeping It Real
Written by a former first-grade teacher and reading tutor who now homeschools her three children, this blog is dedicated to homeschooling! Links, resources, reviews, articles and more. Visit often for ...

Portrait in Linen
1. 33-year-old Christian homeschooling mother of five; 2. writer, artist, poet, seamstress, knitter; 3. student of hula, Hawaiian language & culture

Our Homeschooling Adventure
This is our homeschooling blog where I tell about our homeschooling adventure. Come share ideas with us.

Welcome to the Lazy Creek Zoo
A journal of unschooling family life and the meandecommunity thoughts of the Head Zookeeper (aka Mommy).

Our Homeschool Adventures
The continueing homeschool adventures of my son and I ducommunity his high school years

This is Nico and Calista...
We are a homeschooling family in California. We are crafters, Star Wars fans, researching our family tree, and sending flat travellers all over the world. We letterbox, take walks, breastfeed, read and ...

Simply Sandy
Shacommunity the simple blessings of family, friendship and homeschooling my five children in Kentucky

Rugrats and Dirty Rugs
homeschool mom mother of four boys too many animals too little time

Four Friends and a Blog
The side roads can be bumpy but make life more interesting than the predictable highways. Four friends look at life from a different perspective, whether the subject is parenting, home learning, knitting, ...

After a cup of coffee...or two
Life by the grace of God...and caffeine

Diary of a Homeschooling Mummy.

My thoughts and observations along my journey with my companions.

The Joyful Mom
Joyfully raising three free range kids!

Scribblings by Blair
My blog covers most aspects of my life. Everything from my faith in God to homeschooling to my journey as an aspicommunity author.

School on Wheels
Welcome to our School on Wheels! I'm MamaTee, married to DaddyC and we have 3 little wonders: Caleb (5), Christian (3) and Charles (2). We hope you'll stay and visit with us as we travel across North America ...

Love 2B Homeschoolers

A little knitting, a little spinning, a little crafting, a little homeschooling, a lot of work!

Pack of Hungry Snails
An Oregon family spending their days living and learning in the real world - and having fun doing it!

Redbud's Lane
Classically home schooling mom who blogs about home schooling, issues, culture, & life in Texas.

Mom in Madison
Life, thoughts, reviews, day to day with spirited kids, our journey with natural parenting and organic living, crafts and art, homeschooling, and other fun stuff from a creative Madison mom of two boy ...

Striving for Simple

Homeschooling with Heart and Soul
Normal everyday blogging about my life and moments of inspiration that help me make it from day to day. And about parenting and other things that tend to interest me.

Common as Dirt
Our family has started this blog as a record of our home-based learning experiences, to network with other home learning families and to generally keep track of things.

Bonsol Enterprises
About knitting, homeschooling, cats, gardens, life in general

Books and Bairns
A homeschooling mother of three writes about educating her children, adding to her family through adoption, and developing her God-given gifts.

Bending the Twigs
I'm a proud Irish Catholic mom homeschooling 2 kids using a Classical/Charlotte Mason approach.

Insomnimom chronicles the daily life of a Catholic homeschooling mom and her two kids, husband and dogs. It offers a humorous keeping-it-real look at the ruthlessness of laundry, lessons, dust and field ...

Homeschooling with Heart and Soul
You\'re welcome to read about our homeschooling adventures. I enjoy writing and shacommunity my heart about things that are my passion, one being a homeschool mom. And feel free to leave comments, I like ...

A Brand New Day
I am a stay-at-home mom/photographer/volunteer who partially homeschools my 5-yr-old gifted daughter, in Victoria, BC, Canada. She is in kindergarten part of the time and we work at home for the rest ...

Ispa Dixit
A tasteful stream of consciousness about opera, home education, knitting, environmental paranoia, parenting, and vegetarian cookery - not necessarily in that order

Barefootin Adventurers
Stay at home-schooling mom to Grace (6 in January), incubator to baby Joy (due in January), nagging but adocommunityly devoted wife of almost 11 years to Shawn; loving daughter to Jim and Kathie who have ...

Peer Into Our World
An online journal of our life as a home-learning family in Northern Ontario, Canada.

Runamuck Ranch
Artist, Farmer, Homeschooling Mother of Three, Gardener, Creator of Art in Life as Well as on the Easel

Little Star Homeschool
Homeschooling from England. Our everyday ups and downs as we all learn and discover.

You're Not Lost, You're Here!
Home educating family from Ontario of the relaxed, eclectic, wanna-be unschoolers variety.

Explocommunity Nature With Children
A how to/inspirational/journal site devoted to homeschooling nature study.

Captain Blackfoot's Blog
I am a mom of four unschooled kiddos. I just started my blog.

Periwinkles and Pine
This is the learning journey I have embarked on with my six year old son, in Maine. We suscribe to no particular philosophy except to have fun, enjoy nature and learn about the world.

LIFE with Granola*Girl*
All of my blog is dedicated to living the unschooling life in one way or another.

ramblings of our days....

Look who's got herself a blog!
I am just an ordinary Christian Homeschooling mom. I blog about our fun discoveries together. Feild trips, and the ocasional "strange bug found in the yard" If you like small town rural living, you'll ...

Nitoy's Calvert School Journal

"Bizzy" House With Peaceful Hearts
Just my thoughts as I go through my busy day with my three boys and aim to keep peace and order in our house.

Unconventional life of a homeschooling family who finds themselves distracted by anything shiny or flashing, and finds it difficult to accomplish anything of any real value (unless you count figucommunity ...

Light In The Sphere
I am a happy, Christian, homeschooling mom with many hobbies and interests.