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My goal is to raise our seven children without losing my patience, sanity or sense or humour. I have homeschooled four of our children over the years, and have gained experience in working with teens ...

The Sunny Patch
We are a suburban family homeschooling our daughter. I love to share my thoughts about cooking, reading, our faith, and homeschooling, of course!

m00minfamily unschooling blog
A family of 4 kids, aged 5-14, who have never been to school in the rural mountains of BC Canada. Lots of music, lots of wilderness, knitting, gardening, and too much computer time.

Becoming A Heaven on Earth
I am an LDS homeschooling mom of 7 children (guadianship to 1 of those, and infant twins!). I subscribe to the Thomas Jefferson Education philosphy, and I don't limit myself to blogging only of homeschool. ...

Edwards Family Blog
The Life learning adventures of a home educating family

The Topsy-Turvy Homeschooler
Homeschooling mom of 12 years shares her past and present experiences and hopes for the future. Lots of fun,useful and inspicommunity information.

A Meek & Quiet Spirit
My life as as SAHM, Christian, wife, and homeschooler.

Christian Home School Teachers' Lounge
If you are a parent desperately seeking solutions, friendship, solitude, and an occasional chuckle, then you’ve come to the right place. This site is your virtual parent survival kit. It's chock full of ...

My wonderful, crazy life as a SAHM of 2
A daily account of what my life is like being a SAHM and homeschooler of 2 with an emphasis on being MOM.

Canterbury Academy News
We are a nature-loving, unschooling family from the midwestern United States.

Inside on the Outside
A relaxed secular homeschooling mom's description and reflections on the moments of homeschooling, direct experience of the moments of our lives, with a bit of reflection on the conscious creation of those ...

Today's Lessons
Join us for the adventures of a homelearning family, with all of its trials and triumphs,as we learn about the world around us, each other, and ourselves.

The Thomas Institute
Blogging our homeschool journey from the very beginning. Includes reviews of books and other resources related to homeschooling.

The Common Room
A homeschooling family chats about politics, poetry, literature, leadership (when the headmaster has time), music, the problems of having nine family members and one bathroom, animals, vegetables, minerals, ...

Homeschooling Illinois - Legislation and Learning
This site is a collaboration of two homeschool moms. We write a lot about political stuff such as pending legislation that could make an impact on homeschoolers both in our state and on a national level. ...

Learning in the Unzone
Musings about our unschooled lives.

Tornadowood-Weaving Rainbow Homeschool Blog
Adventures of homeschooling 4 boys in Texas

Eyes Open Wide
I am an unschooling mother of two girls, 6 & 3. Before kids I had an ambitious career as an orchestral musician, and now I couldn\'t be happier with our lifestyle which still allows me to teach and occasionally ...

Live Free Learn Free
Welcome to the Live Free Learn Free editor's blog - Shana's musings on Kenzie, the magazine, and life in general.

Homeschooling Journal
Welcome to The Homeschooling Journal! My daughter has "special needs" so I have chosen to homeschool her in an unschooling / relaxed homeschooling manner, starting this year. I invite you to join in the ...

Bruggie Tales
The adventures of an Australian homeschooling family of 8 after living in the US for over two years and now back in Australia.

A Day in Our Lives
Soon after adopting our three children, we removed them from school. We're embracing unschooling more and more each day. Take a peek into a day in our lives.

Travels with Children
One mom, two homeschooled children, and a computer named Hal drive from California to Florida and back, learning all the way. Over 8000 miles will be blogged.

Afterthoughts is maintained by Brandy, who has been married to Josiah (referred to as Si) for 6 years, and is the homeschooling mother of three (so far): E. (5-year-old boy), A. (2.25-year-old girl), and ...

Heart Threads
God put homeschooling on my heart many years ago. Now, six children later, and with 8 years under my belt, it is still a considerable challenge. Come see how one family works it all out together.

Schoolhouse Earth
How can a bird that is born for joy sit in a cage and sing

We homeschool our nine year old son. He is currently in 4th grade, merging into 5th grade on some subjects. We love Science, History, and Reading. We have lots of animals and critters. We also love to ...

Staying Home and Staying Sane
The thoughts, tips and links from one stay-at-home, homeschooling mom.

Doc's Sunrise Rants
The adventures of raising (and homeschooling) triplet teens, singlehandedly, on a farm in Oregon.

Popcorn and Sushi
Take two adults, two kids. One job. One uninsulated Japanese mini-castle. Handful of unimpressed neighbors. Add homeschooling, traveling, good food, great books. Stir wildly. Stand back and wait for possible ...

Finding Wonder
Adventures of an artsy-craftsy, homeschooling mom traipsing through the world

Imperfect Genius
Redefining brillance one day at a time. A photojournal blog chronicling daily life without school. Random thoughts, stuff in the news, learning resources, family reading list and more.

La Kooka Rancha
We believe the home should be the center of all of life. Here you can visit our little acre, where we homeschool our 5 children, have some fun days and an occasional not so fun day and where we believe ...

“Learning can only happen when a child is interested. If he’s not interested it’s like throwing marshmallows at his head and calling it eating.” - Anonymous A place where I can post my musings, talk ...

Homemaking Cottage Blog
Get to know the owner of the Homemaking Cottage: mom of six, pregnant with #7, homeschooling, writer

BusyMe Homeschools
My journey into homeschooling my 10 year old son.

The ongoing adventures of three young homeschoolers in the wilds of the Wissahickon.

Barefoot in the garden
This is the ongoing diary of a SAHM homeschooling Christian mom, my marriage, and darling children, Thing 1 (a five year old boy) and Thing 2 (a 3 1/2 year old girl-my mini me- somwhere God is laughing). ...

Local Homeschooler
Catholic Classical

The Reluctant Homeschooler
Homeschool my kids? Who, me? Never thought it would happen. But here they are in middle and high school, and we couldn\'t stand to watch them in that environment an longer. So one by one, we\'re pulling ...

Five Home Ed in Kent
We have been home educating our three boys, in England UK, since July 2005. Our blog follows the ups and the downs, as well as the sidetracks, of our journey to date. It's not always about home education ...

Barefoot in the garden

The life of a homeschooling, breastfeeding, homebirthing,freedom fighting,gun-toting really cool mom of four.

Nurtucommunity That Which Lies Beneath the Surface
My blog is a place where I journal regularly about my family's experience with learning at home together.

Weathertop Farm
Adventures in knitting, raising livestock, and homeschooling

Full On!
The adventures of an attachment parenting, homeschooling, stay-at-home single mom.

Rational Homeschooling
News and commentary for the thinking homeschooling parent.

Homeschooling on Hudson
Homeschooling in New York's beautiful Hudson Valley. Ecelectic, with an emphasis on nature study.

View From Earth
Grand Thoughts On A Small Scale. Mindful musings and occasional snarky commentary on whatever happens to strike my interest including homeschooling, religion, music, news, television, and books.

My So Called Homeschool
We love to learn and have a great time doing it. We've been educationg our children (10 and 5) at home for the last 5 years.