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This web/blog community is for members of Homeschool Fellowship, a homeschool community board. HOMEschool Fellwoship is a place where we can discuss homeschooling issues, share ideas, ask questions and encourage each other in our homeschooling journey. The atmosphere of this board is intended to be gracious and supportive. The educational approach put forth by this board is "Identity-Directed Homeschooling". Each family is encouraged to prayerfully seek the Lord's direction & guidance for their unique family needs. Each child is an individual with his/her unique learning style and each family is unique with its own dynamics. The "Identity-Directed Homeschooling" approach seeks to find the best style of learning for the individual child and family. This may mean traditional, workbook, classical, literature-based, natural learning, unit study, or eclectic. HOMEschool Fellowship has no affiliation to a particular religion. However, the majority of the members are Christians and this may be reflected in some sites or blogs.

Two Kid Schoolhouse
Thoughts on homeschooling, family, church, cooking, and other random topics from a slacker - I mean relaxed - homeschool mom.

Who is Susan? I am a 30 something mother who delights in learning at home with her children. In a nutshell, we could be classified as Bible-First, eclectic, thematic, literature loving, natural learners ...

The Mother Lode
Humorous straight talk on learning differences, family life and the horrors of department store fitting rooms.

Drink Deeply
Life and times of our homeschooling family.

Musings of Home and Hearth
by Shauna; Thoughts on homemaking, cooking, recipes, and life in general along the Great Lakes!

Simply Sharon
A simple woman striving to live a simple life.

Wife and Mother by the will of God

Strollin' by Faith
Just my blog about how I'm livin' for the Lord.

Pink Sun Drops
I'm not much of a homeschool blogger, but every once in awhile you'll catch a field trip or two or a glimpse into our daily lives. Read at your own risk!

Contentment Acres
A Christian homeschooling family shares their life experiences on their 14 acre farm in rural Virginia. Blog entries could feature anything going on in our lives-our walk with Christ, homeschool, family ...

Homeschool Highlites
Come visit a christian home schooling family of 6. See our photo journal of how we learn at home.

Taschek Tales
Not so far-fetched tales of life on a funny farm.

Surrender All to Jesus
A simple blog of my journey in Jesus, and learning His direction in everything I do, even the difficult stuff.

Momn4boys blog
The thoughts and reflections of a mom who loves being at home, and is doing all she has ever desired in her life..... Really... I love my life that much!

No Place Like Home
Homeschooling, family, encouragment

Look Inside Our World
Family blog of our life.