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This is a community to showcase holistic therapies, products, services, practitioners, schools, and related information. We are looking for content-rich websites, that will provide holistic information for the purpose of helping and healing. MEMBERSHIP GUIDELINES Websites in this community need to have a holistic health focus. We are interested in sites that provide information on holistic therapies, practices, and products, such as, but not limited to: acupressure, acupuncture, aromatherapy, ayurveda, chiropractic care, essential oils, flower essences, herbalism, homeopathy, jin shin do, magnetic therapy, massage therapies, myofascial release, nutrition, orthomolecular medicine, polarity therapy, reflexology, reiki, shiatsu. Other topics could include: meditation, organic nutrition, yoga, natural remedies, and alternative health options on specific ailments. Participating websites must keep the community HTML code on their webpage. The communitycode must be on the same page that the website is submitting. PLEASE APPLY ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE INSERTED THE HOLISTIC HEALTH EXCHANGE RINGCODE HTML INTO YOUR SITE! The code must be visible and on the same page URL that is submitted for inclusion. If the code is not found on your submitted site, your site will not be included into the community. Please allow up to three weeks for our response.

The Holistic Link
Holistic links to information, therapies, products, and services. We also have a holistic pet page.

Alive and Aware Natural Health
Alive and Aware Natural Health is an online healthcare store dedicated to bcommunity you the best all natural, organic, holistic & alternative health & beauty products at affordable prices. We carry supplements, ...

Youngs essential oils
We sell high quality Essential oils and aromatherapy.

Holistic Energy Medicine
Gayll Bedijn is an Eastern Ontario reiki practitioner who offers personalized treatment workshops for the critically ill and their families. Gayll also does reiki training as well workshops on natural ...

Moodstreams soundtracks for relaxation, meditation, and hypnosis
Need to relax? Meditate? Break bad habits and change your life? Moodstreams offers soundtracks that help you to relieve the stresses of everyday living and turn your life in a positive direction.

Raising Children To Be Rich
A holistic guide for raising self-confident, happy, responsible children so they are able to become rich as adults. How to give children the tools to grow up as self-empowered teenagers and young adults ...

Anti Aging Magnetic Field Technology
Our bodies are made of atomic particles (atoms). Each atom has a negative (Electron) and a positive (Proton) charge just like a Magnet has a north (positive) and South (negative) pole. If we apply a ...

Welcome To My Health Site
Over the years I have collected thousands of home remedies and special recipes for all sorts of ailments from friends, family, penpals, and from emails. So I decided to add this collection to my web pages. ...