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Click Member link to see site in tvMason's Heart
weekly life of Mason born with HLHS. Born 2/3/03

Glimpses of Molly & Leif
{;}A site about Leif and Molly. Leif has hypoplastic left heart syndrome, and the site includes information about his surgeries, plus lots of pictures and links to some of our favorite sites.

Brett's Heart Page
Our son Brett was born w/HLHS on 2/18/00. He has had 2 of the 3 surgeries done at Kosairs Children's Hosp.in Louisville, Kentucky.Read his story & see pics.of this fighter!!!

Johnathan Spencer Joplin
Memorial site for my precious angel, Johnathan. We lost him at almost 5 months old to HLHS.{;}

Christina's story
This is the story of a tough little girl, who has fought her way through two surgies in the first year of her life. She has HLHS, and to her family, she is a miracle.

Matthew's Heart Page
Matthew was born on September 17, 1999 with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Follow along with Matt as we walk through this defect together.{;}

Our Baldy Babies
Our son Jacob is a walking talking miracle! Diagnosed with HLHS TAPVR & COA shortly after his birth, it's Jacobs story of hope, love, and life.{;}

Our Little "Queen" Colena
Our lives have truly been enriched by the birth of Colena. We are continually amazed by this wonderful little girl.{;}

Jason's Story
Read about my son Jason's triumph over Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and heart transplant surgery.

Our Little Princess
Dedicated to our daughter Ashleigh who passed away at 16 days old due to CHD which included HLHS and 2 other heart defects.

Bradley's page
Bradley is a little Aussie boy from South Australia that has HLHS, his parents did not discover his secret until after his birth.

Connor's Corner
Meet our wonderful Connor. He is doing great!

Lauren's Heart
Lauren Graham, An HLHS Survivor{;}Lauren's HLHS journey from the inutero diagnosis to the present.{;}

Faith's Page of Hope
Faith's Page of Hope

Our Precious Heart
Personal page about London Max II, born with HLHS, a survivor and little champ.

Molly's Page
This website is dedicated to our daughter Molly, who sadly lost her short life six hours after birth to Hypoplastic Left Heart syndrome in September 2001. Come and share in our journey with HLHS.

Wyatt's Place
Our journey with HLHS, beginning with the diagnosis at 23 weeks pregnancy and onward.

Hearts of Hope
Hearts of Hope shares many personal stories of children with HLHS from around Australia, we also have many other HLHS stories from around the world.

Ryan's Corner
Bounce on over to Ryan's Corner and read all about this wonderful little boy.

Citali... a precious moment in time
She will always be our Precious Moment and as you read this story please know that if you are going through something similar you are not alone.

Derek's Page
This site is dedicated to our son, Derek Michael, who lost his battle to HLHS. He will always be our special little man and we will love him always and forever. You will always hold our hearts with you. ...

Mikayla's Smile
We rejoice that Mikayla is perfect and complete now, safe in the arms of{;}Jesus. And we grieve because she is not with us now, but we are not without{;}hope, for God has promised that we will see her ...

For Cameron, born 11-27-00 with HLHS.

CongenitalHeartDefects.com is the most comprehensive, user-friendly website on the Internet for information and resources for the congenital heart defect community. Please come visit!

Chaney's Memorial Website
A memorial site for little Chaney, who had Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. (3/3/03-3/6/03)

Jareds Journey
This is a story about finding out and living with HLHS.

Ethan Conner Shields' Dedication Page
A website dedicated to a child who lost his fight with HLHS. Contains a movie and helpful HLHS links.{;}

Corey's Story
Our little man, Corey, was born Dec. 3, 1997 and became an angel on Oct. 21, 1998 after going through two open heart surgeries. Though his life here on earth was short, he will remain in our hearts forever. ...

Jaden's Place
A web site deciated to our son Jaden who has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.

Ayden's Hearth
A site welcoming our grandson, Ayden, to the world! He has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.

~Grace's Space~
The story of our precious daughter and her journey with HLHS, we are hoping by shacommunity our story we will give someone else HOPE too.

Benjamin Patrick Banks
Homepage of Ben Banks, HLHS, born 6/30/04

Jessica Faith Taylor
The story of Jessica's journey with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.

The site shows a picture profile of Bethan Edwards, our daughter who was born in 1994 with HLHS. We have also written a book entitled 'Bethan - A Year in the life of the baby with half a heart', which ...

Joseph David Johnson
Memorial to Joseph Johnson who died aged 5 weeks from Viral Myocarditis and genetic heart disorder probably Hypoplastic Left Heart. Our story, Poems, Photo's, Friends and more.

Amy's Story
The site is dedicated to our beautiful daughter Amy, who has HLHS. You can read Amy's story & diary, view photos and video clips. We hope you enjoy our site.

Corbin's Story
Our son's fight with the congenital heart defect Hypoplastic Left Heart and other minor defects.

Owen Casey Molloy
A site dedicated to our beautiful son Owen, a victim of HLHS.

kyles little heart
kyles story after being diagnosed with hplh

Jackson's Heart
A web site for Jackson's family and friends to follow his progress, participate in fundraising, learn about Jackson's condition, and leave messages for Jackson's family.

Hearts of Hope Australia
Hoh Australia is a charity that supports chidren born with complex congenital heart disease such as HLHS. Our website provides resources to families including liks to Medical information and personal family ...

Susan C May

Ryker Gourley
Our son was born with HLHS and lived 7 weeks. He left this earth to be with his big sister Lilly and they both continue to bless us.

Malachi's Page
This is a site for my strong baby boy that has had to deal with way more stuff than anyone should have to!

Creating Awareness of Hypo-plastic Left Heart Syndrome
Please join us on facebook where we ask anyone who has a child with Hypo-plastic Left Heart Syndrome to Join us and share there journeys with other parents. Also anyone has had lost a child to Hypo like ...