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The strength and gravity of web community in the present world


In the world of internet, web community has become a contemporary term. Its purpose and objective have been well defined to promote social interactions and internet marketing through online networking, internet forums and blogs.


In fact, a web community is a group of websites that is also known as virtual community. Nowadays, web communities are exponentially expanding the social media networking. Web communities grow from common interests among the users. Initially, people used to interact via communication media particularly through internet for the social, professional, educational, or personal purposes.


Initially, these web communities develop at a slow pace, but as the interaction between community members increases, the force of motivation for contributing for each other also increases. Consequently, the size of the community also increases proportionally. With the gradual increase of potential members better communication develops between the members. However, the community development is not a day’s affair rather it takes several months and even years to develop.  


A few theories have been developed to forecast the effectiveness of internet marketing with the expansion of the community. Bass diffusion model, given by Frank Bass explains how a new product gets adopted as a result of interaction between innovators and adopters. A well- connected network can be considered to be a social media marketing tool. It is the formation of web communities that makes the site worth visiting. A strong network presence acts as the most effective tool for marketing a product.


There are several well-known people in the world of internet who have earned name and fame by developing a big social community. Not only this, it also enables like –minded people to be in touch with each other irrespective of the geographic location. As a marketer, one needs to be aware of the factors that play pivotal role in building successful web communities. Hence, web community interaction has multifaceted benefits.

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