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The community is comprised of sites that deal with themes in Eastern or Western philosophy. Topics could include life, death, cause and effect (karma), change, politics, & relations between human beings and nature. Sites could include prose, poetry, or artwork, too. These traditions contain much wisdom that people sorely need. This community was founded by a former college teacher, who wrote an easy-to-understand guide to Western philosophy, in verse. The Communitymaster also wrote a series of poems on aspects of Buddhist philosophy. Thus, our orientation to philosophical themes is through simplicity and creativity. If you think your site will be comfortable, here, please query or submit its URL for consideration by the Communitymaster. This is a new community, and we would like to increase our membership.{;}{;}

Corey's God & Spirituality Homepage
Here I discuss my Journey through Spirituality, including Hinduism, Pantheism, Consciousness and other Religious and Spiritual Theologies, Beliefs and Philosophies. Included is the Gospel of Thomas, ...

Buddhist Poetry In Wartime
This is page three of poet Rayn Roberts' website which contains Buddhist Poetry, Buddhist studies, Tibetan Buddhism and links to other pages and sites on religion, peace, healing, Project Yano, Voices ...

Christian Philosopher Activist
A site dedicated to explocommunity Christianity, Philosophy and related Social, Political, and Philosophical ideas.