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ISIS Paranormal Investigations
ISIS is a ghost hunting group located in Upstate New York that investigates hauntings in the New York, Massachusetts, and Vermont areas. Investigations are free! Our website includes evps, ghost photos, ...

Spook House
Take a virtual trip through a Spook House, either in Flash of gif animation. Also Halloween cartoons and Vampa the Vampire's illusions and strange pics. Enter if you dare!

The Inextremis Halloween
Halloween resource

Adopt A Demon
Imagine owning your own pet from the nether regions of Purgatory. Have a heart - Adopt A Demon today!

Paranormal Storm
Deep from the darkness they come. A raging storm of paranormal energy. What do they want, what do they seek? Join us as we explore the unknown. Don’t miss our true ghost stories, ghostly images or our ...

Absolute Terror
Dark and gruesome, spooky or scary – Absolute Terror intends to bcommunity together absolutely the best horror sites on the Net for you in our Top Site List. Drop by and visit the sites or just come along ...

To haunt you, Distrub you, To give you a fright. All of these things are the goal of this site.

BonnieBoo's Boos!
Welcome to BonnieBoo's Boos!

Imp's Spyder Ryders
"Spyder Ryders - the Imp's of Eternity". Come along and join the Halloween fun, “The Spyder Ryders” club. It's a real giggle, you’ll get your very own numbered member button too. A link to all sites that ...

Halloween Greetings !! From Alaura
Greetings !! Grab a cup of tea, pull up a chair..For I have alot of fun things to do and plenty to read..From making Crafts to making a meal..Poems & stories to read. I hope you enjoy :-){;}

Sabrena's Madness Mansion
Who knows what may be lurking in the corners of my house. Please stay a spell. Who knows but what you may leave just scared!

Lady Natasha's boudoir
My personal page of decadence and debauchery and other gothic misgivings from my dark London abode....poems, plays, costumes, photos, fops, scanned flesh and more....{;}{;}

Carla's Creations Halloween Site
My site has holiday and seasonal pages, humor section, html help section, greeting cards, great links and much more.

Our Halloween Page from Lizzie & Honey
{;}A Halloween webpage written by your Silky Terrier Friends, Lizzie & Honey. Read about witches, black cats, halloween legends & myths, lots of pictures and some recipes too.

Halloween at Josh and Jacob's
Our site has holiday and seasonal pages, kids links, games and much more.

Star*Dreamer's Haunt
A lil' bit of Boo for all ages. Hitch a ride on my broom to my scary Haunts. I'll be waiting for you! Yes, You! Happy Hauntings!

Erica's Spooky Halloween
Halloween fun for kids of all ages. Updated for the 2001 Halloween season. Games, midis, haunted houses, fonts, recipes, award, community, screensaver and alot more!{;}

Adopt A Nytemare
Ever wondered what happens to nightmare creatures when you wake up?

Lauren's H a l l o w e e n Page!
Dedicated to my favorite holiday, especially the costumes my friends and I have sported through the years. Also some celebrities in their Halloween costumes!

BJ's Halloween
{;}{;}Stop by to learn about my Halloween memories and take time to explore some of the wonderful sites I've found.

The Haunted Doghouse
Halloween for kids and the whole family. Includes downloads, colocommunity, ghost stories, safety tips, Harry Potter, and more.{;}

Bunniesplace Halloween Website

Mystical Halloween Costumes
Three years of our All Hallows Eve costume pictures, info on how we assembled them and lots of links to spooky folks who can help you become {;}whoever you most want to be this Halloween. Our costumes ...

{;}This is a fun Family site dedicated to Halloween. It has ghosts, monsters, stories and jokes along with a large Halloween adoption area.

Happy Halloween
My site was originally designed to entertain my grandchildren. Original poetry and graphics. I have set the community up so that you can enter the site by the front door and not miss anything. Happy ...