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This is a community for Fans of Harry/Ginny. It will connect all the personal sites and blogs of Harry/Ginny fans.

Chudley Cannons
I am a big fan of H/G, and I always have been. My website has wallpapers that I\'ve made, a rupert grint gallery [of the great shirts he wears], and three fanfictions I\'ve written. [more coming.]

I Do Not Belong To This World At All
My personal weblog, where I rant about anything and everything.{;}

{;}Harry/Ginny fanfiction, wallpapers, gallery, info, why, fanart, original poems by GrimWolf

Very bocommunity blog of a very bocommunity person, who loves H/G very, very much.

You're Still The One
A Harry & Ginny graphics site.

A brazilian girl's blog!

Purple Ligtning School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
This is a PBeM of Harry Potter! Here you can roleplay as some of the most famous people in Harry Potter! The time is set before Harry's birth, meaning that James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Lucius ...

just another diary of a HUGE H/G fan. lol. but i guess it's unique... i mean, yeah. check it out.

Cellophane Flowers
Random bloggage from a web crazed Harry Potter fan.

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