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This community bcommunitys together sites related to the products, service and history of the Hudson Motor Car Co., the Hudson division of American Motors Corporation (AMC), Railton, Brough Superior, and the people of the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club.

Kevin's 1929 Essex Challenger RS Coupe
A site documenting the restoration of Kevin Lowey's 1929 Essex Rumbleseat Coupe.

Smoky Mountain Heartland Chapter, Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club
Homepage of the Smoky Mountain Heartland Chapter, Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club. Featucommunity Club Info., Applications, Calendar of Events, Hudson History, Links, Member's Cars Gallery and More.

Dale & Nancy's Web Home
Our personal home on the web. Pictures of Western Reserve Chapter meets. Links to other HET members homepages. The story of Nancy's adoptions search & reunion.

The New Zealand Hudson Essex Terraplane cpub including nash and Rambler. Dedicated to preserviing the great cars built by hudson.


HET, which stand for hudson essex terraplane, refers to three successive car models made by the hudson car company in the first half of the twentieth century. The earliest hudson model was the hudson car, which first appeared in 1909. Later came the essex car, a more affordable version of the hudson car. The automotive industry took a blow during the depression, and hudson car as well as essex car sales suffered. After the depression, the hudson car company made a comeback with its terraplane car. The terraplane car was to be one of the greatest hudson car marques. During World War II, production of hudson cars including the hudson car and essex car halted, as car manufacturers were focused on producing armaments for the war. After the war, the hudson car company came up with some new designs and several new marques before the hudson car company saw its end. Today, many classic car collectors still own old hudson cars including the hudson car, the essex car, and the terraplane. The hudson cars played a very important role in automobile history with its innovative design and production ideas. Many car experts credit the hudson car company with making the first mass-produced affordable cars. Today, the hudson car company no longer exists but car enthusiasts have preserved many of its first cars, which can be seen in museums and at hudson essex terraplane auto shows.

Hudson Cars

The first hudson car was made in Detroit, Michigan almost one hundred years ago. Today, many classic car collectors still own hudson cars. When hudson first started making hudson cars, the hudson car was an assembled car. That is, the various components of the hudson car, including the engine, were made elsewhere and simply assembled by hudson. Slowly, the hudson car company began making more and more of its own parts for its hudson cars until eventually, they were making their own hudson car engines. Hudson cars were one of the pioneers of making their carsí engines rather than purchasing them elsewhere and simply assembling the cars. Another unique feature of the hudson cars is their fluid clutch, the first of its kind. Though hudson cars did well both before and after the depression, and made it through two world wars, the hudson car company was eventually sold, but the hudson car legacy lives on.

Essex Cars

A decade after the introduction of the hudson car, hudson introduced the essex car. The essex car was similar to the hudson but was lighter and more affordable. Itís a little more difficult to find information on essex cars on the internet because so many searches just turn up pages about cars from Essex. The best way to find out about essex cars is to search for sites on hudson cars which provide links to essex car sites.


Hudson essex terraplane actually refers to three different models of hudson cars from the early 20th century: the hudson car, the essex car, and the essex terraplane, later renamed the terraplane. The term hudson essex terraplane refers to the first three marques made by the hudson car company. These cars are no longer made today but some have been preserved by hudson essex terraplane enthusiasts.

Essex Terraplane

The terraplane was originally called the essex terraplane, which was later shortened to the terraplane. Hudson made a number of different cars, convertibles, and trucks under the terraplane name. The terraplanes are also a rhythm and blues band that took their name from the classic terraplane blues song by the legendary blues artist, Robert Johnson. Robert Johnsonís terraplane blues was a song about his unfaithful partner and his terraplane car.

Hudson Essex Terraplane Club

The hudson essex terraplane club has chapters all over the United States and around the world. The hudson essex terraplane club welcomes hudson essex terraplane lovers and owners. Many hudson essex terraplane club members post their pictures on the official hudson essex terraplane website for other HET lovers to enjoy. The hudson essex terraplane club also allows HET fans to join the hudson essex terraplane club email list to receive information and alerts about upcoming HET events. Also offered on the hudson essex terraplane club website are links to the HET historical society, hudson car chat with other hudson car enthusiasts, a HET club store, a HET photo gallery, and many other HET links. If youíd like to learn more about the hudson essex terraplane cars, you can access magazine articles on HET cars from the hudson essex terraplane clubís website.

Terraplane Parts

Terraplane parts arenít easy to find, but the best place to go for help is probably the HET club at www.hudsonclub.org. Here, you can look for other HET owners in your area and ask them if they could help you find the HET parts you need. There are a few known abandoned terraplanes that have not yet been restored. If youíre interested in fixing up an old terraplane, youíll definitely need some replacement parts as some of these old terraplanes have been neglected and are in very poor condition. If you have an old terraplane that youíve fixed up or youíre still working on, consider entering it in a terraplane car show. To find out where and when these terraplane car shows take place, contact the hudson essex terraplane club. The hudson essex terraplane club is a good place to go with all your terraplane questions. The terraplane was a very popular car in its day because it was similar to earlier models but was more affordable. It also had more power and a lighter frame than most of the earlier hudson car models.