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A community for Star Trek fan fiction. Each member site contains at least 4 gen or het stories from any Star Trek series or based on original ships/crews set in the Star Trek universe. Sites that contain slash in addition to gen and/or het are welcome, as long as slash stories are clearly marked as such.

Djinn's Lair
Home to Djinn's Star Trek fanfic. Stop here for the continuing USS Carter series, Kirk/Chapel stories, the Slayer series, Spock/Chapel fic, and other Trek stuff as well as Buffy, X-Files, and M*A*S*H

Archives of The Lost Tomes
Vulcan oriented adult fan fiction based mostly on The Original series.

Gamin Davis' Spock Treks
Friendship stories of Trek's most beloved duo: Captain Kirk and First Officer Spock. Here are tales about Spock's childhood and his love interest, Christine Chapel. Also there are a host of poems and filks. ...

Lori's Trek Fic
The home of the Captain and Counselor series, the Kerzoinky Blue alternate universe, my other miscellaneous scribblings, and a number of parodies by myself and others. A featured link on the Best of Trek ...

The Rob Morris Story Archive
Mostly crossovers, although many stories that are XO's are actually more ST than not. On the fun side, there are stories like 'The Princess Crewman' in which M'Ress has a secret that only Lion-O, Lord ...

Gil Shalos Fan Fic
Gil Shalos' second site, with a link to the first one, which between them host the Larssen novels and some smaller works.

Claire Gabriel's Fan Fiction
Includes a long novel about Spock's family, a sequel to that novel, and a link to three Voyager J/C stories by the same author.

Roisin Fraser's Web Site
This site contains some adult content (R-NC17) but is mostly gen, centered in the TOS Universe. This site is home to the T'Rela Series, the Intermission Series and T'Thelaih's Vulcan Oasis. Ratings are ...

Gloria's Star Trek Fan Fiction Home Page
These stories, originally published in zines, are Kirk and Spock friendship stories with some action adventure thrown in.

From your friendly neighborhood Romulan
Home of..........{;}The Vorik Shrine. Vuhlkansu Bed Time Tales: Stories about the Vulcan people.Before they were Romulans: My own series about the life and times of the Rihannsu people. And my own little ...

Dork & Spaz Productions
Not only do we have Star Trek fan fiction spanning all four series, but it's also crossed-over and fused with many other scifi and anime favorites while still taking place in a Trek Universe.

Sarek and Amanda's Lair
This is a site for stories, pictures and links of Vulcan's favourite First Family.

Invisible Planets: Jungle Kitty's Star Trek Fiction
Over 100 stories (many of them award winners) set in the TOS universe. Mostly het, some gen, some slash.

Rabble Rouser's Rec Room
Fanfiction based on Star Trek: The Original Series, mostly gen, ranging from G to Adult. Also has reviews and links to other fanfic websites.

Kathleen Dailey's Fan Fiction Page
TOS and TNG-era fiction, with an emphasis on Romulan and Vulcan stories. Links to recommended authors and web sites of interest.

Wildcat's Trek Fiction
A collection of het and slash stories, with an emphasis on Spock/Uhura.

P/C Stories
A growing collection of Picard / Crusher stories. I like stories with plots and characters who sound like the TNG originals. This is what I'm trying to provide on my site.