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A community for sites with fanfiction for Hercules: the Legendary Journeys or Young Hercules, small or large, in any language.

Iolausian Corner
Russian fanfiction, screen captures, and images for Hercules: the Legendary Journeys. Also news and info for Russian Michael Hurst fans.

Allie's Aerye
This site hosts only Iolaus-centrix HTLJ fan fiction.{;}No graphic sex of any sort.{;}Crossovers will be accepted as long as they meet the other criteria

trfan's Joxer Shrine
An expanding site with a large number of Xena fanfics, and several Hercules fanfics as well. Also includes episode reviews for both shows.

Fanfiction from Hercules Universes Young and old with a focus on Strife. Stories range from g-rated adventure to NC-17 sexcapade and all suggestive points between.

The Mythadventures of Hercules and Company
Fiction ranging from G to NC-17 on two, separate menus, featucommunity Hercules, Iolaus, Ares and other characters from the Hercverse.{;}

Icie's Young Hercules Page
Small Young Hercules page

The Domain of Quiet Wolf
A collection of Hercules and Iolaus fiction

Hercules and Iolaus Fanfiction community Homepage
The homepage for the Hercules and Iolaus Fanfiction Community. Join the community here.

Angel's Ryan Gosling Fan Fiction Archive
A fan fic archive dedicated to characters Ryan Gosling has played. Includes an ever-growing Young Hercules section.

Ashera's Archive
Large paicommunity archive for Xena and Hercules adult fan fiction, that includes{;}slash, lesbian, and het fan fic with a host of characters. Lists stories{;}by paicommunity, by title, and by author. ...

Herculean Fan Fiction
This page includes fan-fiction stories dedicated to the characters of Autolycus and Iolaus from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

Skylark Hercules/Iolaus Crossover Fiction
This site celebrates the beautiful friendship between Hercules and Iolaus. Hercules and Iolaus interact with characters from other TV shows from Xena to Captain Janeway. The stories span the time of Hercules ...

New Greeceland's heroes
A site with some fanfiction, and also skins for hotbar and winamp.

This site has various features from photo manipulations to stories to illustrations of those stories all spotlighting Iolaus. So come see Iolaus{;}lead aerobics, read about his great adventures with his ...

New myths of Ancient Greece
Russian archive for Hercules fanfiction. Translated and original stories.

Beckers Iolaus & Hercules Fan Fiction
Fiction (mostly) by Beckers starcommunity the two greatest heroes in television, Hercules and Iolaus!

the Iolausian Legacy
Site with fanfiction, poetry, links, quotes, fan art and wallpapers.

Lady Aeolusia's Garden of Dreams
At last, my own little corner of the Web! A place to spin stories and weave dreams...mostly about Iolaus but yeah, Hercules too! Right now I have mostly fanfiction but later I hope to display artwork ...

Devour Life
Used to be the CMYHFFA. Young Hercules links, fanfic archive, episode transcripts... and I update often!