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This is your spot for all things Hello Kitty and Friends! From information and history on Hello Kitty to pictures, products and merchandise, it's all here and ready when you are!
It's no surprise that Hello Kitty and Friends has a huge following which is why this community is here. Fans of Hello Kitty can find all sorts of neat Hello Kitty stuff here like products, movies, pictures, books, clothing,bags and so much more. Find all your Hello Kiity goodies here as well as information, history on the cartoon and a lot more.

Hello Kitty and Friends Information and Merchandise
Get your Hello Kitty fix here and enjoy everything from Hello Kitty and Friends information to merchandise and cool items for sale. When it comes to Hello Kitty, we've got it all covered!

Melancholy Musings
This is my blog and yes I am a Hello Kitty fan as evidenced by her sprinkled throughout the blog. You might find something amusing if I say something funny so keep checking for when that happens because ...

Your Stop for All Things Hello Kitty and Friends
This is the place to be for fans and collectors of Hello Kitty and Friends merchandise. You can find it all here, from Hello Kitty Information and History to Hello Kitty and Friends pictures, products, ...

Well Hello Kitty!
You know Hello Kitty! We ALL know Hello Kitty! Since the day that Japanese company Sanrio first released a purse showing the Hello Kitty design the lovable cartoon character has been a hit!  Not even they could imagine the success this little kitty was gonna have not only in Japan, but all over the world as well.

After the success of the purse Sanrio created from the design a cartoon version of Hello Kitty and it made several appearances on cartoons of the period. Because of the popularity that rose even more Sanrio decided in conjunction with DiC Entertainment to create a full length cartoon series. The series called “Hello Kitty’s Furry Tale Theatre” was the first creation of the combined efforts which aired through out 1986. The show was an instant hit with children and some adults alike and an icon was born. Later in 1991, a Japanese anime series was created bringing the Hello Kitty range right up to date, they named the series “Hello Kitty and Friends”. Within this series the sex of Kitty was discovered – he was a boy! I bet you thought that Kitty was a girl, eh? Most did which is why we were surprised by this revelation but this fact did not damage the icon’s image,  in fact it helped it! Because of this the creators Sanrio, made Kitty a twin who was a girl and they named her “Mimmy”, she is the exact copy of Kitty making them identical twins, the only difference between them is the fact that Mimmy wears a bow in her hair so that you can tell the difference between them.

Because of the popularity of Hello Kitty and friends numerous console and handheld games have been created. Even limited edition consoles have featured Hello Kitty on them which have included Xbox, Game Boy and Dreamcast; unfortunately they are only available currently in Japan and have not yet been released to the rest of the world market. You can purchase them from such sites as EBay where Japanese sellers make a good profit from selling Hello Kitty and friends products. Hello Kitty and friends has been featured on a whole range of products which include; clothes, shoes, kitchen ware, mobile phone covers, key chains, bedding, jewelry and much, much more! There is pretty much everything available to the avid fan that has Hello Kitty and friends on them.

Hello Kitty and friends even have their own CD’s featuring songs from the shows and their own smash hit records that have stormed the charts in Japan. The famous guitar makers Fender even made a limited edition Hello Kitty guitar the Hello Kitty Stratocaster for the avid collectors and fans. The madness doesn’t end there! Hello Kitty in its aim for world domination even has an airplane that is embellished with Hello Kitty and friends and has been given the very unique title of tourism ambassador! No non-human has ever been given such a title and just goes to show that the Japanese really value the character as being their biggest export which has given the country so much needed revenue.
Wow, still so trendy and now even though it all began in 1974! You go Kitty!!