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Now under new management (and on a new server, I suppose). The Communitysurf branch of a NONWICCAN community for those with interest in Greek or Roman philosophy / religion / mythology / culture / history and/or those who worship the Greek or Roman gods, following a religion substantially derivative of those traditional in ancient Greece and/or Rome. (Both Pagans and Nonpagans are welcome to join). - YES, the community is closed, so you'll need an invitation if you want to join. The way you get one is by signing up for a Graeco-Roman Soapbox, becoming an active and positive contributer to the list, and once you are one, introducing us to your site. If I like what I see, I might send you an invitation to join this community.

Homepage for the Delphic Oracle
Everything about this community.

A Graeco-Roman Soapbox
An uncensored NONWICCAN global discussion list primarily for Greek and Roman Reconstructionists, and those whose religions find deep roots in Greek and Roman Reconstructionism.

The Almond Jar
Hellenic Demipaganism. Demipaganism is an approach to Paganism involving a fleshing out of fragmentary original source material with extent material from derivative, contemporary non-Pagan traditions, ...

The All-Night Inn
A shrine dedicated to the Greek god Hypnos. Stop on by!