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A community of sites about science fiction author Robert A Heinlein.

heinleinblog exists to post articles whenever The Master's name is evoked in the press, as well as keep track of news and events that bcommunity to mind the situations and concepts that made his works ...

science fiction
contains a short story dedicated to the life of Robert A Heinlien and the characters from his novels

The Abyss of Wonder
Alexei Panshin has been writing about Robert Heinlein for over forty years, and has been embroiled in the resulting controversies and flamewars for almost as long. At this website, he presents those original ...

site: Robert A Heinlein - The Robert A. Heinlein Home Page
The premiere web site for material on the works and life of science fiction grand master Robert Heinlein.

Tirpetz' Tales' Heinlein Pages
My tribute, so to speak, to my most favourite author.

A Great Clue on Framing Issues!
Heinlein touched my world in many ways. This site is sort of a homage to some of them, as well as an interesting place in itself.

krizsan.de - The nitrosyncretic.com FAQ in german
My page features the translation of the FAQ found on nitrosyncretic.com in german language.

Asa Hunter Memorial Book Exchange
A website for the free exchange of Heinlein's books between those who have extras and those who would like to have them. Come here to donate a book, or to request a book.