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One woman's efforts to share her faith in God & testimony in Christ.

Angel In Training
My site reflects me in every way. You will meet the people in my life that mean the most to me~my children,friends,and online friends. The Communitys I belong to and all of my fellow Sisters and Angels ...

On Angels' Wings
These pages are for my forever one hour old daughter, Abigail. She is and always will be, one of my Greatest Gifts in life, but also one the most heartbreaking. Her site contains: her story, pictures, ...

Nana's Place
Family site with pics of family and even our pets. I also have memory pages and lots more..{;}

Christine's Corner
Memorial to my son and Dedication to Heavens Angels. Will be adding new pages since it's still under construction and I am still learning. Poems, tags and graphics will be added later.

Kyra Janes Site
A memorial to my baby girl, Kyra Jane, born sleeping May 1998

Joy's Homepage
A list of my favorite sites, authors, books, my family and my dog Salsa.{;}A discussion board for readers, polls,{;}and contests.

Kelly Country
My life and fight with what is now considered terminal anorexia. And the damage the disease has done.

Kayla's Castle
We have lots of fun links for kids to visit. A tribute to 9-11 and child safety.

Sunshine's Place
Australian history, culture, humour and much.

Okie's Home
This site is just for fun for me. My sons site is my main site to help others.

Gods Heavenly Angels
This is a Christian, family site with inspirational poetry, angels, family, friends, pets, memorials and so much more.

World of my imagination

Family, psp, etc

Angels Are With Us
On this web site you will find memorial pages for my babies, and family members who have done on to be with our Heavenly Father. And backgrounds, Plaques, Certificates, Graphics, Poems, and much more.. ...

Journey Through Life
A poetic journey through life's emotions. All aspects of love, depression, loss, and flights of fancy are explored.

My Love For Life
Family and child safe. I offer awards, plus lots of dedications to things that touch my heart! This is the new home of my site, and I am adding a page a day, so please bookmark me :)

Raven\'s Dream Realm
My web home is my pride and joy. Always a work in progress. It contains pages for my brother David, causes that I support, a bit of poetry, as well as a few adoptions that I just had to have :)

~ Just A Simple Mind ~
A place that reaches out a hand in friendship, poetry words from the heart, A place were animals have a voice to spread the words of life, Graphics and PSP things.... A peacefule place to be. So come ...

Websets, adoptions, my quit smoking journal, personal site

Jade's Garden
A memorial to my mother and my HA dedication pages.

The Enchanted Forest
A fun and friendly site with something for everyone

A gift from God
Personal site about me, and my interests, I love crafting Angel and soon I have some for sell with Embroidery design too.

Lala's Rainbow
Lala's Rainbow is a peaceful, jewel-bright realm filled with treasures and pleasures for the mind and spirit. Whether you are seeking beautiful artwork, inspicommunity stories, delicious recipes, or just ...

Opossum Sally's
Welcome to one of the largest eclectic sites on the web. This site has thousands of pages on too many subjects to list here. So grab a cup of tea and your favorite snacks and get ready to enjoy yourself. ...

Angels Among Us
Created in memory of my grandmother it's filled with beauty and inspiration.

Serenity Place
A Christian site which honors the Lord through poetry, prayers, stories, humor, and love.

Becky's Place
A site about myself and my family and things I love.