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The name discribes it's self, It's for the lover of the fae, faery, faeries, fairy, whatever you wanna call them! =)

Crystall Skye
My fairies and other fantasy art Hope you enjoy your visit.

a faery blog{;}

Ice Faery's haven
{;}all abou the fae

::Only Fairies::
This site is fully dedicated to the fairies and fairy art, as well as everything related to them and the spirits of the nature.

Fairy Honey's Home
{;}My faery groups and faery adoptions

Star Honey's Secret Garden
Star Honey's Secret Garden is a special place for my faery friends as well as links to some really cool Faery sites!

Melissa's Site
{;}It's my own personal site.:)

LadyStangs World of Fairies
An ongoing project This site is dedicated to Nona Williams (keep the faith hon we'll get there)... fantasy.. a love of fairies...{;}

The Mystical Gardens
Follow the footprints of the fae and visit The Mystical Gardens.{;}

MIss Ladyhawke's Graphics
I offer free graphics to anyone on the web. I will always have a faery theme for you to enjoy.

Faery Unicorn
a place for fae to frolic and play

Misty Wood
Misty Wood unfolds the secrets of it's Fae. Come visit the enchanted paths.

Faerie Magick
My Fae home in the Shire

Musette's Faery Grove
Musette's Faery Grove encourages all to rediscover the mystery, wonder and excitement for life that we had as children. Faeries can help you believe in life's magick and enchantment again if you believe ...

The Enchanted Lair
Welcome to The Enchanted Lair. Here you will find many different things from fairies to dragons, to free graphics to adoptions, and dedications as well. Come on in and check it out.

Faery Sayles Fantasy Art
Visit my faery Art gallery, which includes dark faeries, gothic maidens, witches and otehr fantasy paintings!