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spouse of adoptee shacommunity experiences and offecommunity support

Having Been Adopted
It's my own personal story of having been adopted, what I think and how I feel about it, about my search, what I found, the reunions I've had so far and it's about what I think of adoption in general.

Angelica's Little Brother
Our life with Angelica who was adopted from Guatemala in 2003 and our road to her brother in Vietnam.

According To Addie
A blog about how adoption has worked into all aspects of my life.

Search and Reunion
Observations from a recently reunited adult adoptee.

The Hinkley Herald
This is my daily blab about our ongoing adoption process. We began the process to adopt two older orphans in June 2005, and we are still waiting to adopt them. This site is a way for me to update everyone ...

Fumbling Toward Divinity
Musings about art, life, spirit and love by Craig Hickman, adult adoptee in reunion.

Journey to Emma Claire
A blog for our 2nd adoption from China; LID 10-16-06

Hearts Wide Open
A blog of an adult adoptee's story of infertility, parenting and adopting from central Asia.

Going Back to Square One
I started my blog as a way to journal my adoption experience. Little did I know my experience was about to hit hyperspeed and launch me Mach-4 into motherhood. Now it's a way to piss people off, annoy ...

My personal reflections on adoption, adoption reform, relinquishment, my relationship with my relinquished daughter, my relationship with my parented daughter, and a few other mundane topics of life.

Adoption and Fire- The Firehouse Journal
We are two firefighters navigating through the world of international adoption. We are hoping to bcommunity our little girl home from China this year. I am also and adoptee.

Mia's Saving Grace
An adult adoptee describes her journey toward understanding and healing through writing and art. Her writings address the issue of open records and contact with her birthfamily through an intermediary, ...

Books and Bairns
A homeschooling mom writes about educating her three bio children while adding to her family via the miracle of foster/adoption.

Ungrateful Little Bastard
Maudlin musings and ungrateful rants from a 1960's era adoptee.

I created this blog to allow friends to follow along on our journey to our daughter.

Without A Tribe
An adoptee mama blogging about life.

I am a young and happy adoptee who as recently been in contact with both my biological parents. It's been an interesting expereince. This site explores my daily interactions with them as well as with ...

bert,bean,cheesehead, and schmoozer
about my family, including guardianship and adoption issues, and special needs.

I'm Gretchen, also known as mamagigi. I'm mother to Maeve, adopted in 2005 an open adoption. My husband was adopted in the 1970s in a very closed adoption. We're all about the open. These are my experiences, ...

Possum's Place
Mumblings from a disgruntled adoptee!!

Gotcha Baby
his is something to channel my thoughts into as we journey through parenting via open adoption. We're now the proud parents of The Babe (aka as the Monkey and Baby Kahuna, amongst others). We're learning ...

Always Wanted Four
Always Wanted Four was started ducommunity the process of bcommunitying home our daughter from Russia. Katya joined our family in April 2007 at age 7 from St. Petersburg. She joins an older sister and ...

3 Generations of Adoption
As the adoptee of an adoptee and the adoptive father of twins, I've gotten to see life from two corners of the triad.

Weebles Wobblog
Thoughts on adoption, attempts to see from viewpoints other than my own, my quest to align my thoughts, words and actions.

China Journey
Our Journey to our Daughter

True of Voice
A personal journal about my adoption and my feelings about it.

Adoption blog
The blog talks about Bhavishya our 3 year old daughter we adopted from India, our 4 year old Golden Retreiver, Pashmina and all sorts of other stuff I enjoy such as food, wine, gardening, travel, movies, ...

True of Voice
An adoptee's voice when all other voices shut it out.

Adventures of Two Sisters and a Mom
The adventures of two sisters and a mom on their qust to adopt a little boy from Russia

My blog entails the TRUE daily adventures of a homeschoolin\\\' Momma...with NO Nanny, NO help...Just me!!! We also have adopted, over the last ten years, from the countries of Russia, China, and Guatemala ...

Adoptee's Voice
A website for adoptees, the heart and soul of adotion. A place to share and connect with everyone touched by adoption.

Today's the Day
An adoptee and adoptive mom talks about life

A Field Made Ready
Adopting our daughter from Armenia!

Dillon Days & Doings
How God uses adoption, homeschooling, & just being a family to CHANGE us into more of who He wants us to be... Join us as we grow!

Mountain Top Memories
Homeschooling momma of 6! Passionate about God, adoption, homeschooling and life!

Adoption Truth
True tales from a mothern who lost and learned along the traumatic path of adoption.

We Love You Already
This blog is a place to chronicle the wait for and eventual homecoming of our baby through Domestic Adoption.

The Adoption Triad Network
A site benefiting everyone in the adoption community. Network, online forum, profiles, support group, shops, etc... Purpose to promote adoption awareness and understanding. By a Birth Mom

Full Circle
A journey through the ups and downs of fost/adopt written by a woman that found out as an adult that she, too, was adopted.

Neither Here Nor There
Adult Adoptee blog

Life is but a dream
The life and times of a birth mother to Bryan - age 29 and mother of almost 7-year old twins - The Bunny Rabbit and the Dolly Llama. A pregnancy through reunion story is interlaced throughout.

Athens Runner
This blog is sort of my open letter to my 18 year old son, I was always lead to believe that he would be told he was adopted but now have found out he has not been told. I want to make contact but ...

Court Records
USA Court Records Search. The Most Authentic USA Court and Legal Records Search Online. Offering a huge database with all reliable records of court to be accessed online, with a few clicks of your mouse. ...

Debra Shiveley Welch
DebraShiveleyWelch.net celebrates adoption in various articles and poems on adoption, parenting, learning differences , publications and family-friendly links. Included is a children's book, "A Very Special ...