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This community has been created for adoptees, foster kids, birth parents, adoptive parents and foster parents to share their blogs and personal websites. Please, no commercial adoption or solicitation sites.

Empty Cereal Box
View from inside an adoptee

Adoption and its triad
My experiences in adoption and in my search for my birthparents. Changing the laws that affect adoption. Open records advocate

the wide tent
adventures in ... being a mom, a lesbian, a runner, a homemaker, a christian ... living sustainably in the city, urban gardening, public education, racial and economic justice ... domestic transracial ...

Daughter of Two Women: An Adoptee's Journey
This is a site about my own personal feelings about my adoption and about adoption issues.

Wet Feet
I am a birthmother, explocommunity my feelings about placing my daughter for adoption eight years ago.

Soul of Adoption
Main website for Soul of Adoption

Belanich's Great Journey
Adoption journey for our daughter from China, and updates about our son from Russia.

Every Scar Is A Bridge
I am an adoptee who recently realized that it is OK to think about adoption, that it isn't taboo as some would have you believe. I am searching for my mom and documenting my journey here. I hope that through ...

The Adoption Void
One adoptees' attempt to explore the conflicting feelings of having been adopted, and the impact this has had on her life, her choices and her experiences.

Ramblings of a Shadow
The ramblings of a shadow on adoption, work, life and God. (Formerly Wraith's Blog)

Musings of the Lame
Everyday breathing and random thoughts and observations,ocassional epitimys, rants on adoption practices, chronology of my reunion of my son lost to adoption at birth, tales of motherhood and the quest ...

Cookie Speaks
A Reunited Mother Who Relinquished a Child to Adoption shares what she has learned in her journey.

My blog about the process of adopting a baby from China, and about writing.

A mothers blog on reunion. Lessons that I have learned and am still learning.

Unexpected Miracles
Our journal through reaccreditation woes and a lost referral. Trying to make it to the finish line. Our son.

A Mommy blog from a Mom of five. Four grown biological children and one precious baby boy who happens to be African American. Day to Day ins and outs of life at our house.

Cigarettes & Coffee
mis-adventures of a birthmother in an open adoption.

Lauren, Marco & Our Russian Adoption
A journey to Russian Adoption in 2006

Third Mom
"Let me tell you about all of my mothers!" said my five-year-old son one day as we sat in our kitchen. He began counting: "There’s my first mother in Korea, then Mrs. Cho (his Korean foster mother), and ...

Let Me Take Your Hands
A blog about my life as a firstmother to a 6 year old in a very open adoption and parenting 2 children afterwards.

Universal Thread
Our journey to adopt our daughter from China.

Family Reunion
My blog is about our day to day life and the process of getting us to Russia to pick up our first child.

Artificially Sweetened
Navel gazing galore from the future mommies of a future kid from Guatemala.

Adoption Tales
The chronicles of how we came to adopt our daughter from China and our life since coming home in 2004.

This is a blog I've made hoping to find my 2 birth sisters and 1 birth brother.