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A Community for the Heroclix Gamers and players. Amongst the sites listed you will find great ones with 3d objects, scenarios, online maps, battle planner tools, pictures and much more!!

Want to know more about these Heroclix characters are you are playing? Now you don't have to scour the web finding out! Visit Whoclix; the unofficial Who's Who guide of Heroclix!

HeroClix 3D-Maps
This page is dedicated to my 3D maps for HeroClix.

Boof! Mike's Heroclix Tomfoolery
Little site with everything you ever needed about Heroclix.

HeroClix: Campaign
A site to help you start your own long term campaigns in HeroClix, starting with a Rookie team and building up to a full fledged international force! Complete rules!

A site devoted to customs, paper models, and budget terrain

Heroclix Brazilian Forum
This is the official forum of heroclix in Brazil. The Heroclix Brazilian Association is the owner of this site.

HeroClix Zone
HCZone is the newest and hottest spot for all your HeroClix needs! We offer a place to trade with other members, a broad FAQ updated weekly, and a place to discuss HeroClix strategies and tips.

Creepazoids Corner
Fun and frolicky home of Creepazoid, the coolest cat around. Here you'll find pictures of my amazing 3-d heroclix maps, some work I'm trying to sell, and commission information (make your 3d map dream ...

Generacion X
Web de la tienda de Comics Generación. Torneos semanales de HeroClix, con Ranking propio de más de 100 jugadores.

Redskindavyd's Custom Heroclix
A website featucommunity custom painted Heroclix figures. Featucommunity characters from Marvel Comics Golden Age and much more!

The Official Dos Equis HeroClix Source
My personal site dedicated to HeroClix and the strategies that are associated with it. Please note that I am not affiliated with the Dos Equis Alcohol brand. I do not advocate the extended use of alcohol. ...

Papyrus' Custom Heroclix
Heroclix custom figures, and other figures used to make new heroclix. Alternate heroclix references. Mechwarrior football rules. Heroclix, roleplaying and general game and resource links.