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A community for any and all fans of Harry Potter!

Harry Potter Fan Fiction
A site with some fiction, mostly done by the webmistress, but a few by others...

Prof. Montigue's Hogwarts
A HP related RPG site. You get sorted, do stuff to earn house points etc…

Labyrinth's Virtual Hogwarts Site
Um..just a virtual hogwarts site.

Mel's Harry Potter Junction
A Harry Potter fanpage abound with my original fanfiction and links.

The Scar
Loads of Pics, info, and more fun stuff!{;}A colorful site with cute pictures and more.

The Wizard's Lounge
This site will give you plenty of info on the wizarding world and HP. WE have fanfiction,creature lists, spell guide, recommended reading and more.

Harry Potter's Unofficial Website
A great site with great HTML and Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, games, message boards, chats, reference, links, and much much more

Sabbrielle's Harry Potter Page
A Harry Potter site in which all Slytherin and Snape supporters are welcome.

Jen and Whitter's Hogwarts
This is the best Harry Potter RPG. Not only is it an RPG, but it also is updated daily woth HP info and news. Come enroll in our realistic Hogwarts!

Kristen's Harry Potter Fan Site
All about Harry Potter!! All for the Fans!! I ahve tons of Harry Potter Movie Pictures, Harry Potter Trivia! Rumors of the next 3 books, and MORE! (Asdding Fan Fics soon!) COme and visit! :)

Assorted Cheese
I know the name is a little off-putting, but... Well, it's Harry Potter. I've got fanart, fanfics, characters, polls, etc. Please visit me... it is so lonely here...

This is a great HOgwarts RPG that is waiting for many new students to join!

Struggle for Joy
Original essay on the meaning of Harry's story and an essay on Hermione as a heroine. Links and pictures.

Site all about Harry potter. Mostly Professor Lupin, and fanart. With some Fanfiction. Looking for submissions.{;}

Castle Fae
Attend classes at Hogwarts; get your school supplies in Diagon Alley, visit the Forbidden Forest and 'drink' a Butter Beer at Hogsmeade. Free-for-link Harry Potter globes & school supplies.

The Orignal Ron and Hermione Shrine
A site that is dedicated to a love made in heaven. We need your help! Send in all fan art and fan fiction. This is YOUR ron and hermione page! ^_^

The Hooked On Harry Potter Webpage
The Hooked on Harry Potter Webpage is a website created for Harry Potter addicts!

*Wai!* A Harry Potter RPG blog ^_^

Harry Potter Maniacs
This site is for any Harry Potter maniac. It has quizzes, pictures, info, movie photos, and lots more. Please visit!

Chambers Hogwarts
Have you ever woundered what it would be like to be a wizard? Well on this site you can be!

The North Tower
A great Harry Potter site that is on its way to being one of the best!

The Real Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
A place for students to unite and learn. Each student is given a Gcommunityotts account along with an owl(email address) if they choose. It's hard to explain all the great stuff at the Real Hogwarts ...

Tiny Q's Harry Potter Space
This is my very own Fan Site, filled with my own Fan Art as well as my friend Gin Chan. There are tons of fan fics from various authors as well as plenty of generaly entertaining stuff!

The Maurader's Retreat
A family friendly Harry Potter fansite with lots of Fan Fiction, a growing Fan Art list, message boards, chat and much much more.

Hidden Hogwarts
A *new* (well, re-made) Harry Potter RPG!