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We believe in love, peace, and seeking imperturbability. No matter the color of our skin, whether we choose to call our Deity God or Goddess, or what Country we live in we all share the same goals. To live, to love, to be all that we can be.To be free to make our own choices.We each have a heart We each have a soul and though we certainly are different in many respects, inside, we are the same. Harmony

My Hopes...My Dreams
Site hoping to spread peace and harmony around the world. With special features of lake and overlay applets of personal photos taken by my husband and myself.

Hafapea's Universe
A place to kick back, relax, and escape the mundane.

Ronnells Pad
a family oriented site of spirituality, love and devotions{;}{;}{;}invited by homeflower{;}

My Friendly Cottage
This site is built with love from me to my two sons that are no longer living near me. Our main form or communication is through the internet.

poetry by jana
original poetry from fantasy and life, of me and other things, the breath of word and the inspiration to breathe

Returning Home to the Seashore
Satisfaction Disappointment Joy Sorrow in my Life --{;}Come with me as I retire to the seashore of my dreams; understand my faith in the future and beliefs; return to the place of my youth – the seashore. ...

TrueOne's Home
This site was first started as a notepad for expressing TrueOne's feelings and love. It grew to include more exotic poetry and prose. Lovers and dreamers may apply within at any time.

Friendship binds the world
a family friendly site to meet and make new friends, beautiful inspirational pages of quotes & poetry, faces, humours, awards, links and more{;}

My world of Toasts, Quotations, Poetry, Inspirational writings and Music, as a journey through fantasy and mystery.{;}

An Old Hippie's Web Page
My way of making a difference, things I care about, my family, the Holocaust page.{;}

Sue's Sanctuary
A family site filled with love. It includes my family, poetry I've written, places I've traveled to and some of my favorite web sites. {;}{;}My sincere thanks for thinking so highly of my website. {;} ...

Harmony of Souls
We are a group of men and women {;}who have created web pages {;}for the enjoyment of others {;}as well as our own therapy. {;}{;}We believe we can each do{;}our own small part, {;}in the way we treat ...

StarGaZer's Place
Pages developed from things that have touched my heart,

British Isles and France
Photos of castles, mansions, houses, and scenery from Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales and France.

Daystar Designs
I offer linkware websets, backgrounds, calling cards, tubes, and I have some of my photography for viewing.{;}

Angel's Garden (S)
Angel's Garden is my attempt to reach out to others...offecommunity them inspiration, hope and lots of virtual hugs in the form of poems, prose and personal views on life. I am a cancer survivor and truly ...

The Realms of Fey Arte of Faeries
Three realms of romance, fantasy & Victoriana in one: Krys' Place, my personal site -- Web Designs by Fey Arte of Faeries offecommunity web design & graphics for all your web needs -- Fey Arte of Faeries' ...

The Sunset Lanai
Come and share a sunset with me. Meet me and my family, take a virtual tour of my beloved island home, Hawai\'i. Share your \"Aloha Spirit\".

Home of GentleSpirit
Inspirational & philosophical thoughts, poetry of others, some of my scanned artwork, information about Perioperative Nursing, and about women when they reach the last gift of time.

Thoughts In Verse Book One & Two
Thoughts In Verse..Books One&Two..A collection of poetry inspired by the Angelic/fantasy realms, written and presented by Barbara Jeffries-Taylor..Poems that has helped those that search for understanding, ...

Photos of a trip to Alcatraz, Beverly Hills, Central Coast, Hearst Castle, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Monterey, Napa, San Francisco, San Juan Capistrano,Solvang,Sonoma, and theSouthern Seashore.{;}

Inside Mariah's Head
Its about my life. Family, friends, info on Bi-polar, self-harm and my poetry. My self-harm page could be intense, but I have a pop-up warning on it. Many people have read my self-harm page and found it ...

Protect Our Children
This site focuses on the importance of preventing all forms of child abuse. I have written a few short stories for children, and there are some great links for kids.

Riquelme Family of Australia
Our site primary goal is to give precious moments of peaceful tranquillity reading interesting thoughts, viewing people, places and nature pictures.

Angel In Training
On my site you will find things of interest to me~an Angel In Training. Family, friends, Info for Depression, Eeyore, 911, My Grandchildren, and soon a page dedicated to our troops!