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Screensavers, Snowglobes, Wallpapers, Skins and more.

Puddy Tat and Tigger Too
This site offers everything for the cat lover. We have cat stories, cat poems, cat photos, cat background graphics, a game room, health tips, animal welfare and anti-cruelty pages and much more all about ...

Ellen's catpage
My website is still in Dutch only, but I am working on the English version. It is about our big red male British Shorthair Peter, our female Maine Coon Larena, our female seal point Siamese Farah and our ...

Kimmie's Babies
Pictures of my "babies", and a favorite story that'll make a person think, I'd hope.

Mooch Train
All Aboard the Magical Mooch Train. Please join Top Cat and Chief Engineeer, Mr.Mooch on his exciting journeys to Paris, Egypt, the Oktoberfest in Germany, or anywhere your heart desires.

Sarah's Kitties
Site all about my wonderful Kitties

Lilly's Pad
A site dedicated to our second adopted cat, Lilly. A fun page with nice pictures and midi.

Raising Orphan Kittens
Orphan Kittens are kittens without a mother. Whether their mother abandoned them, died, or are unable to take care of her kittens. This site helps you take care of your orphan kitten. This site also has ...

Roppongi Kittyland
This site is about joy of living with cats. I live with two cats in the town called Roppongi, which is a well known bar district in Tokyo. I would like to tell a little bit about my life in Tokyo{;}and ...

Wee Whiskers & Cattails
My website is about my kitties, my childhood cartoons & books, photos of trips, nature (my woodsie friends), fairies, animals and much more. So please do stop by and have a look! Thank You! :)

Kat's Korner
My homage to the cat-goddess, Bast, and all Her little minions!

All My Kitties
We are the Smith Furgang of All My Kitties. Our Mom works at a shelter and she rescued all of us in one way or another. We can tell you all about it if you come by. We are of all ages from 3 months ...

Animal Farm
This site is about my cats, dogs and cockatoos.

My Cats Corner
This is my personal little page about our 3 lovely cats, Anna, Seven, & Speckles. You'll find pictures of our three cats plus how my husband and I found each one. In addition, visit my pages of cat quotes, ...

The Cat Gallery
If you enjoy the art of the great masters and love cats, you'll get a kick out of seeing how the two can be combined. See how the world's great artists might have painted their own cats, and why. Original ...

Litty Ones
My site is mostly about my kitties, since I'm a very proud mamma hee hee. But also about me, my family, interests, trips, etc. It has lots of cute pictures! :) {;}

Janet's Enchanted Realm
My site offers a variety of things: Native American poems, fantasy, pet memoiral, a page dedicated to my cat, and much more.

Tigress Star's Lair
Tigress Star's Personal website. All about me, my family, pets, interests etc.

My Communitys
This is where I have put my communitys I have joined...{;}Links to my other pages...

Best Cat Tips
Find answers to a wide variety of cat health and cat care questions. Enjoy our free cat forum and newsletter. Showcase your cat with our Cat of the Week.

Miracle and Hershey
The story of Miracle and Hershey

Pearlie the Psychic Kitty
A site dedicated to Pearl, my white shorthair Oriental with blue eyes. She is deaf but more than compensates by being psychic and also a computer wizard!

The CAT Page!
The story of how a 'Dog Person' who loved cats was 'adopted' by three sweet, amazing, and totally cool felines!

Our Ho - Tahoe
Just a fun page for our Adult Adoption, Tahoe. A MLH Tabby.

Corinlea Border Collies & Pyrenean Sheepdogs
A small select kennel situated in SW Scotland, home of our Border Collies, beautiful cats, Ponies and Pyrenean sheepdog. Please call in and visit with us.

Sultanfus and Guy's Kitty Kam
Watch the kitties sleep and play on their very own web cam. Find out how these two strays came into our lives and took over our home!

Frisky Feline
Frisky Feline is for the cat lover in you! Showing off my own precious cats and guest cats too. Add your own cat to my page!! Silly cats, cats graphics, and more!!!!

A Poet's Notebook - Queen of Friday Cat Blogging

Kailie's Kitties
I made this web site to show off my beautiful kitties and so that the world can see just how much I love and adore them!

The "Cat's" House
A collection of pictures and stories of my own cats.. all 7 of them who have been collecting some interesting stuff themselves about cats.

Mews & Purrs! Come meet JuJu, Bella, Simba & our Rainbow Bridge baby, Taffy! At their site read tons of IMPORTANT Cat Information, Join our Top Kitty Kat Site List, Clubs & Communitys! Send a Kitty Kat ...

Per-Bast: A Tale of Cats in Ancient Egypt
As a deadly plague spreads over Egypt, Neferure finds herself stranded in the turmoil surrounding death. A promise has been silenced; a piece of her heart torn away; and the High Priest of Karnak temple ...

Our Cat Family Pages
This is a site for and about the cats in our family. Our own as well as neices,cousins,etc. So stop by and meet Gus and Lilo

Kitty Cats Rule
Kittycatsrule is a kitty site designed by Chipper II himeself. Our first Chipper passed away and having found only 2 pictures of him, and both being at the end of his life, it was decided we would take ...