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A community for those 'few and far between sassy hangook yuhjas' XD In other words, a community for sassy Korean girls. XD

A site about an isolated korean girl, who finds this very loverly community..loverly XD o.o;;;;;; no i mean it o.o;;

Yumekumo and Hoshiyume's Anime Site
Mostly dedicated to Japanese Anime... There aren't enough korean things in the world(well, except in korea of course) ^.^{;}Mostly Sailor Moon, Cardcaptors, Gundam Wing, etc... Not in THAT great of a condition ...

Magdalene Express
::Itís about a girl, come woman, living in a secular world under the restrictions and expectations of a traditional Korean-Christian way of life and eventually, how she affectionately betrayed it::{;}

smartee's blog
personal blog of a high school korean girl...